Jacob Hudson  is a talented singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida who just released his latest EP, It All Repeats. His last release, The Tomb, was mostly acoustic based and chronicled the ups and downs of relationships. It All Repeats is his newest effort, and it’s a stellar collection of songs about the emotions and feelings felt after a break up. The way Hudson tackles these issues is akin to a well-seasoned artist, focusing on the confusion and frustration of heartbreak without going too melodramatic. Hudson, however, is now just old enough to legally drink alcohol, which is evidence of his great maturity in both songwriting and composition.

The first track off the new EP is “The Welcome Mat”, which discusses a lost relationship and how sometimes tragedies and negative feelings in life can affect your authenticity with others. Lyrics state: “It’s hard to know your anger separates you from the ones you love”. This track is also beautifully composed and aside from just acoustic guitar, we hear some breathtaking expanses in sound which begs the listener to hear more.

“Scenery Is All That Changes” is a great track that reflects that life goes on as relationships come and go. Lindsey Brenner’s lovely vocals accentuate the song’s intimacy, but it is Hudson’s songwriting that steals the show. Written in third person, the song begs the question “Why did you write all these songs? Open that thing make her angry, and make her feel anything”.

The title track, “It All Repeats”, speaks in retrospect of a relationship where you realize the end was about to come. Hudson questions our reactions and responses, such as people’s propensity to post their feelings on social media. Is it for sympathy, revenge, or both? The ending lyric is “For you, it all repeats”, which alludes to the fact the cycle has begun again with a different person.

“I’ll Never Regret” is short and sweet, articulating the cycle that some people take – they move from one relationship to the next never learning from that experience and often repeating the same patterns from the last one. The closer is “Rubber Compliments”, which brings Mr. Hudson to retrospectively analyze himself. He states, “I am tired of thinking I’m better off broken”, and later reflects, “I wish I was sick, then I’d write more songs about how I’d been wronged, about how I am alone…but maybe that’s the worst for my sin to wish you’d hurt”. The vocals on this track are authentic and the added production brings this track to life.

All in all, we have a talented fellow who could easily make a name for himself in the singer-songwriter realm. We are hopeful that Mr. Hudson will find a woman who embraces his talent as an artist so his next album can be written from a love filled place. We have all been broken and through break-ups, so this EP can relate with everyone who has experienced lost relationships.

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