Bright Music for Dark Times”. That’s what Gabriela Jimeno has written on her gear when she performs as Ela Minus. In times like these, it’s tough to understand what is happening in the world. Music has always been therapeutic, healing, and guiding. Ela Minus’ music indeed brings brightness into these tumultuous times. This month, she released her third EP, Adapt. The third so far in a series of EPs titled First Words, Grow, and Adapt. We’re sensing a theme here.

Adapt. is only four short tracks, but each is memorable, and bring an infectious energy to the EP. The first track is “Juan Sant”, is a fantastic Spanish language track, with whispery vocals and this really addictive beat to it.  The same can be said for “A.R.P” and it’s captivating intro. “Ceremony” is a wonderful track in English. It’s just Jimeno’s voice to start before some great synth loops kick in and distortion cuts through. The final track “I Wish I Had a Hat” is built on yet another great beat, with some really interesting samples, liberal use of a vocoder and layers of both synth and vocals.

Jimeno describes the music of Ela Minus as “tinydance”. That is a fitting description, each song feels minimalistic, however so infectious it’s impossible not to want to dance to. We loved her first EP a ton, and she’s continued to grow as a producer and lyricist since then. On her Facebook, it says something is brewing for 2018, hopefully a full-length LP. Until then, be sure to grab Adapt. on her Bandcamp, along with her other releases.

Connect with Ela Minus: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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