The Matinee March 3rd include 6 new awesome tracks to get your weekend started off right. We have newcomers today, a couple of our favorites and a very legendary and established band. Tracks range from high energy rock to a chilled out vibe. We hope you find your new favorite song or band. Artists represented today include Canada, the US, The UK. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our Saturday sampler and then our Mega Weekend Playlist on Sunday.

Diet Cig – “Barf Day” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Swearin’, Frankie Cosmos, Colleen Green

At the beginning of the year, Alex Luciano (vocals/guitar) and Noah Bowman (drums) – a.k.a. Diet Cig – shared “Tummy Ache,” which was a powerful anthem about individuality and a quiet fuck you at the establishment. The song got us extremely excited for their debut album, which is also one of our most anticipated albums of 2017. The other day, they released their second single from the record, which only heightens expectations.

“Barf Day” is another clever tune, but more introspective this time. The song is Alex sharing her thoughts about turning 21 and entering a new phase of adulthood. While there are pressures to go to the bar and just get sloshed, all she wants to do is “have ice cream on my birthday.” Her vocals even adopt a softer approach, giving hints that she doesn’t want to grow up too fast or leave the comforts she has known. The wail of her guitar and Bowman’s heavy pounding of the drums, meanwhile, reflect the powers against her. This juxtaposition of sound and message is fantastic. Heck, this song is fantastic, as Diet Cig have given us another reason to celebrate our individuality and the child in all of us.

Swear I’m Good At This will be released April 7th via Frenchkiss Records.

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The Drums – “Blood Under My Belt” (New York City, USA)

RIYL: Beach Fossils, Surfer Blood, Black Honey

“Happiness can be confusing to me,” says Pierce. “It shows up out of nowhere, and before you can even get used to it, it’s vanished. But Abysmal Thoughts? I can rely on them…”. There’s something to be said for finding comfort in the expected.

The upbeat, poppy vibe of “Blood Under My Belt” seems to be the antithesis of the album name Abysmal Thoughts, but once you understand Pierce’s mindset it becomes a little easier to follow along. And If you’re as big of a fan of Johnny Pierce’s band The Drums as we are, you’re certainly not going to be disappointed in his new track “Blood Under My Belt.” The Drums have taken their usual sunny groove hiding heartbreak and perfected it in this single. Pierce took some time after a bit of personal turmoil, a break-up, to write and record. As it’s been said, through pain comes art, Pierce recognizes that his best work comes out of hardship and discomfort.

This is Pierce’s most personal music yet. He’s done all of the songwriting as well as playing every instrument himself. Picture Pierce amidst a room full of synthesizer, guitar, drum machine, and reverb unit and well, you get the drift.

Abysmal Thoughts isn’t due to come out until June 16th, 2017 on Anti Records, but if you need your Drums fix before then, you can catch them on a slew of tour dates here.

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Minke – “Gold Angel” (London, England)

RIYL: Lianne La Havas, London Grammar, Lorde

Today we have an amazing debut single from London based Minke. It’s a beautiful track introducing us to her smoky vocals accompanied by perfectly spaced guitar riffs and entrancing beats.

“Gold Angel” is inspired by the resilience required by all women in braving the societal pressures for unattainable perfection, stoked further by social media’s omnipresence. The lyrics state “all dressed up, no where to go – tv’s on, no one’s home – look me up, if I’m not there – leave a message, show you care.”

“Gold Angel” is the perfect mix of indie rock and electro pop. It’s the perfect track to unwind to before going out on the weekend. We can’t wait to hear more from Minke, we are sure we will be continually impressed with each new release.

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Spiral Stairs – “Dance (Cry Wolf) ” (Stockton, California, USA)

RIYL: Guided By Voices, The Fall

Although on some level we’re conscious of the passing of time, sometimes life happens and before we realize it eight years have gone by. At least that’s what happened to Scott Kahnberg, a.k.a. Spiral Stairs. Formerly of Pavement and Preston School of Industry, Kannberg has released “Dance (Cry Wolf)“, the 2nd single off his forthcoming album Doris and the Daggers. His last release was eight years ago with Spiral Stairs’ debut album, The Real Feel.

The events over that eight-year span helped to shape the songs on this album as they are today. “Dance (Cry Wolf)” takes Kannberg’s deep smooth vocals and pairs them with this emotional if somewhat paranoid track. You can hear a Bowie-esque groove and dance away the pain with this dark dance tune. The wait was well worth it for this track alone. The original intent was to have a garage-rock vibe to the album, but after hearing of the sudden death of his drummer Darius Minwalla, Kannberg took the album in a different direction. The resultant track is beautifully produced, giving up that raw garage rock sound and leaving us with a more polished, thoughtful arrangement. The vocals and guitar are so stand-outish on this song, they could just as easily be stripped down and sound just as good; the hallmark of great songwriting.

“Dance (Cry Wolf)” can be streamed by choosing your preferred streaming method here. The album release of Doris and the Daggers can be pre-ordered through Spiral Stairs’ Pledge Music site here and is set for release on March 24th, 2017.

Scott Kannberg (vocals, guitar) was joined by Matt Harris (bass) and Broken Social Scene’s Justin Peroff (drums).

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VACAY – “Shoes” (Toronto, Canada)

RIYL: Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Sam Smith

VACAY is Levi Randall and he is not only and actor but a talented musician as well. “Shoes” is his latest release.

“Shoes” is throwback, acoustic-based Americana vibe while speaking about falling in love with someone who is already spoken for. VACAY shares a bit about the track, “The inspiration for “Shoes” came from a girl that I worked with. I had a massive crush on her and we connected really well, but she was getting married. I wrote this song to get the jealousy and pain off of my chest.”

This is the perfect track for anyone who has ever experienced feelings for someone else who is spoken for and all you can do is dream about being with that person if they were actually available. While “Shoes” has Mr. Randall restraining himself a bit vocally (compared to “The Other Side”) he is still providing us with inviting vocals and heartfelt songwriting.

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Wire – “Diamonds In Cups” (London, England, UK)

RIYL: Joy Division, Television

Wire is one of those bands that both knows exactly who they are and also understands that none of us is stagnant and static. A band that has been putting out music since 1976 is a rare thing, and they’ve been able to do that because they never settle. They continue to hone their sound, create new soundscapes, and experiment with their art.

“Diamonds In Cups” is a thoughtful lyric driven track that has a decidedly post-punk sound. The second track released from their upcoming fifteenth studio album, this is a modern track with a staggering amount of talent behind it. Though minimalist in areas, this is no sparse tune, just well timed and expertly arranged. Wire incorporates guitar that changes from dark and heavy to slightly more jangly, transitioning with the lyrics and keeps the track from being overtly heavy. Never ones to look back, Wire has managed not only to stay relevant but to continue to be forward thinking and their dedication to that end shows on this magnificent tune.

“Diamonds In Cups” can be found on the new Wire album Silver/Lead  which is being released March 31st, 2017 in 3 physical formats (CD, Vinyl and Special Edition) on the Pinkflag label (Wire’s own label). You can pre-order Silver/Lead here.

Wire is Colin Newman (vocals, guitar), Matt Simms (guitar), Graham Lewis (bass, vocals), and Robert Gray (drums).

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