The Matinee March 7th gets a bit heavy on the psychedelic, but offers a couple of surprises. The finale, let’s just say, will leave you breathless.

Goon – “Cammie at Night” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Ulrika Spacek, DIIV, Morgan Delt

Four years into their career, Goon are still waiting for their breakthrough moment beyond the lights of Los Angeles. But as America’s indie-rock scene undergoes a resurgence of sorts with the arrival of several new and exciting artists (e.g., Car Seat Headrest), Goon’s moment in the spotlight should come really soon, especially if they continue to make memorable music like “Cammie At Night”.

Their new single is right out of the ’80s and ’90s. It starts off melodically and methodically, lulling the listener into a hazy stupor as the shoegaze guitars fill the air and the harmonies are light and airy. Then slowly the song builds into a fiery conclusion. It’s one of those time where all you can do is jerk your head back and forth and allowing the intensifying rhythms pound your chest. Then the moment comes when the song climaxes and all that is left to say is, “F*ck yeah!” Someone sign this band already!

Goon are Kenny Becker, Drew Eccleston, Christian Koons, and Caleb Wicker.

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Jesus On Heroine – “Musasabi” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: My Bloody Valentine, A Place to Bury Strangers, Bloodhounds on My Trail

It’s not often we share a song because of the music video. Let’s be honest – there aren’t that many innovative or awe-inspiring videos out there. The song, of course, has to be outstanding, and this will always take precedence. When the two converge – great song plus amazing video – you get truly monumental experience. Giving us this rare treat are Danish band Jesus on Heroine.

The veteran psychedelic rockers have been around for the better part of this decade, yet their popularity has been limited to pretty much the Copenhagen-Malmö corridor. Well, this could soon change because their new single, “Musasabi”, is really great. For over 4 1/2 minutes, the quartet take us on an exhilarating, shoegaze ride. The song is like listening to My Bloody Valentine while on mushrooms, except no stimulants are required in listening to the track. In other words, “Musasabi” is shoegaze, neo-psychedelic perfection.

The video, which is below, is incredible. Shot mostly in Japan, the video follows two young women flipping, jumping, and climbing their way across their hometown. Some of the footage is incredible, such as the duo jumping off what appears to be Himeji Castle in Kobe, Japan. Amazing, nothing short of amazing.

“Musasabi” is from Jesus on Heroine’s upcoming album, Ardhanarishvara. It is expected later this year.

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Kevin Pearce – “Heartbeat Mind” (Colchester, England)

RIYL: Matthew Dear, Moby, Samaris

Not to be mistaken for the famous American snowboarder, Kevin Pearce is blazing his own trail to indie stardom. BBC Radio and The Independent have already applauded the English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for his music, voice, and uncanny arrangements. Bob Harris of BBC Radio 2 even called Pearce’s record, Dynamite, an “a classic album”. This, however, was when the Essex-based artist was focused on folk and lo-fi rock. He’s new single is a step into the unknown, and it’s spectacular.

“Heartbeat Mind” is simply stunning. Combining folk arrangements with an indietronica delivery, Pearce calls the mélange folktronica. Fans of Matthew Dear, however, will hear traces of the electronic legend and Ghostly International co-founder’s music. Regardless of what it is called, the song is beautifully cinematic. The dark beats and the vocals of Pearce and collaborator Dean Honer create a suspenseful soundscape, leading to a vision of a person chasing a shadow she cannot touch.

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Living – “Glory” (Bergen, Norway via Brazil)

RIYL: Vacationer, Tame Impala, Temples

It has been roughly six months since Living shared new music. In their brief history, the Norway-via-Brazil trio have redefined neo-psychedelia by integrating tropical vibes. Their latest single is more of the kaleidoscopic hysteria we’ve come to love. Check that, “Glory” only intensifies are fandom.

The tune is spellbinding and enchanting. Unlike the other psychedelic-oriented songs in this mini-playlist, “Glory” is summery, groovy, and hypnotic. It is minimalist for a psychedelic tune, and Living’s delicate precision enable them to create a song that feels more like a dream than a trip down the rabbit hole. It is like a siesta, where for a few minutes you can shut down your mind and pretend the world around you has stopped. Sounds like the perfect song to sip some sangria while basking in the mid-afternoon sun.

Living are Lucas de Almeida (vocals), Nora Tårnesvik (bass), and Sturla Kverneng (drums).

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Psyence – “Cold Blooded Killer” (Stoke-on-Trent, England)

RIYL: The Black Angels, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Night Beats

Psyence have shared three songs in the past two months, and each time we’ve written about them. What makes this situation unique is that different people have covered the English psychedelic rockers. First it was Hollie, who shared “Midnight Moonlight” and compared its impact to that of a boa constrictor squeezing the life out of its prey. Wendy covered “Falling In Love Once Again”, and she gushed over the guitar work. Now it’s my turn to fawn over the band.

Their latest single, “Cold Blooded Killer”, is shot out of a cannon. It is explosive and every note delivers a shot that lands squarely between the eyes. The dueling guitars are once again epic, filling the air with anticipation that a monumental event is about to happen. The storyline is classic and awesome, telling the tale of a hitman tracking down his next target. If Quentin Tarantino is reading this, “Cold Blooded Killer” must be on the soundtrack of his next movie. In the meantime, the song can be heard on Psyence’s new EP, A New Dawn, which is out now via Blak Hand Records. Order it here.

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Salt Cathedral – “Run For The Money” ft. Assassin Agent Sasco (Brooklyn, USA via Columbia)

RIYL: Kygo, MATOMA, more recent Phantogram

From the OK Corral, we head to the dance clubs of New York City for our next single. For those who have followed us for some time, Salt Cathedral‘s new song, “Run For The Money”, may seem a bit out of place. We’ve been enamored by the Brooklyn-via-Columbia band for a few months, however, as their take on electronic music differs from others. Their songs are relaxing and intoxicating, brilliantly infusing the sounds of Latin America and the tropics into electronica. Their new single, “Run For The Money”, perfectly demonstrates their sonic wonderland.

The song is like the first sign of summer – radiant, breezy, and smooth. Juli’s vocals are sensual, giving the song an extra layer of seductiveness. The inclusion of rapper Assassin Agent Sasco to the song adds a layer of assertiveness, spicing up this easy-listening number. But don’t be mistaken by the beach vibes that permeate throughout the track. “Run For The Money” is a quiet protest song, lambasting the greed and money obsession that characterizes every element of our society. This is just another reason why we’ve come to admire this band (and they have a great story to share, too).

“Run For The Money” is from Salt Cathedral’s forthcoming, debut album, Big Waves/ Small Waves. They hope to release it this spring.

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SPINN – “Home” (Liverpool, England)

RIYL: Dick Diver, Real Estate, Alvvays

From the opening chimes of the crystalline guitar to the contagious melody, SPINN‘s new single, “Home”, immediately hooks you in. The 4/4 arrangements and the classic pop-rock approach is reminiscent of the ’90s and the songs that infiltrated college radio stations and the soundtracks of coming-of-age movies.

The band, however, told Dork that the song was “just meant to be something that’s good for the ears.” Well, if this young quartet – who appear to be still teenagers – can write a song as catchy and meaningful as this without trying, then their future is looking immensely bright. Another one band from Liverpool once use to write quick songs in their early days, and they only became the greatest quartet to walk the Earth.

SPINN are Jonathon Quinn (vocals/rhythm guitar), Andy Power (lead Guitar/synthesizer), Sean McLachlan (bass/backing vocals), and George Whitehead (drums/backing vocals).

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WHARVES – “Man You Want Me To Be” (Lennox Head, Australia)

RIYL: City Calm Down, Arctic Monkeys, The Editors

Since discovering WHARVES last September, we’ve been anticipating their breakout. The quartet is still in their infancy as a band, but their anthemic indie-rock sound has them on the accelerated path to success. It is, therefore, only a matter of time before their name is mentioned across these lands – or at least within Australia. Their newest single, “Man You Want Me To Be”, will only shorten the distance to this eventuality.

The track radiates with the dark and foreboding energy of fellow Aussies City Calm Down, as Scott Finch’s sinister bass line leads the way. Frontman Matthew Collins’ vocals, meanwhile, are startling in their deadpan delivery, adding a layer of mystery and dread to the Dr. Jekyll – Mr. Hyde protagonist he portrays in the song. “Man You Want Me To Be” is pure indie-rock perfection – a song that haunts your mind with its storyline yet has you grooving on the dance floor. Sounds like some band from the UK who suddenly erupted with a similar refrain.

WHARVES are Matthew Collins (vocals/guitar), Mike Watson (guitar), Scott Finch (bass), and Fraser Rojo Perrott (drums).

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Zola Blood – “Good Love” (London, England)

RIYL: Archive, Maribou State, Phoria

Before you press play on Zola Blood‘s new single, take a long, deep breath because you won’t be able to take another when the song starts. (For that matter, every Zola Blood song should start with this warning.)

“Good Love” is a dazzling, euphoric, and majestic masterpiece that transcends much of the music in today’s electronica. It is atmospheric and breathtaking, as the sensual sounds penetrate deep into our soul and mind. The multi-layered composition and the immersive experience are rivaled only by some of the industry’s finest. We’re not talking about The Chainsmokers, but legends Archive, stalwarts Maribou State, and rising group Phoria. It is just a matter time before Zola Blood are mentioned alongside these greats. Actually, Zola Blood are already one of electronica’s great bands.

“Good Love” is from the band’s forthcoming, debut album, Infinite Games. It is due some time in 2017.

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