On a chilly first Friday of March, a very expectant audience filled the theatre-style seating of the Bronson Centre. The stage was softly stroked by red light as Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel appeared to greet the crowd. A trio of adept musicians all clothed in white, her moon cult, accompanied her with cello, clarinet, and percussion in hand. For the duration of her 90-minute set and subsequent encore, her music satiated the space and the occupants therein. It’s a challenge to convey with precision the experience. Perhaps best explained if one reflects on moments in one’s own life that evoke feelings of vulnerability, impulsiveness, trepidation, and indiscretion. Try to visualize in your mind’s eye these memories to aptly orchestrated music.  Music that was brilliantly delivered to push, to pull, to crest, and to recede so that the moment seems very present, causing your skin to warm and the hairs on your arms to react. This might approximate how stirring the delivery of her music can be. At the evening’s end, the collective silence was pierced with a very simple yet sincere “Merci“, followed by a flurry of applause in heartfelt agreement.

A more intimate look at her third and most recent album, Citizen of Glass, can be found in a previous post.

Her largest, and first in two years, North American portion of her tour continues until May before moving overseas to Europe. Do make it a priority.

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