The most powerful music is one that penetrates deep into our soul and reaches parts that nothing else can touch. A memory, an event, a person, or a period of time may be recalled, and a tidal wave of emotions flood our entire being. For a few fleeting minutes, the experience can be magical, euphoric, or even painful, but it is unforgettable. Such is the power of “Unfound”, the new single by Sea Offs which we are pleased to premiere today.

With the brooding grace and breathtaking darkness of Daughter, “Unfound” is a spectacular introduction to the project of Olivia Price and Rashmit Arora. The song is embedded in a distant time, where only memories exist. A longing permeates across the track, as Price’s stirring vocals feel vulnerable and lost. Is she seeking forgiveness? Saying goodbye one last time? Or is she expressing her gratitude for the time she had with someone? The delicate guitar and drum work accentuate the gravity of the moment, acting like an arrow piercing through the still air and aiming directly at our heart. With this one single, Sea Offs have hit their target, and we’re grateful they have.

The gripping video for the song is below. For those preferring audio, it follows the video. “Unfound” is from the duo’s debut album, What’s the Point?. It will be self-released on March 31st.

More information about Sea Offs is below. Follow them at:
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Sea Offs’ biography

Sea Offs serves as the meeting ground for songwriters Olivia Price and Rashmit Arora. The duo met while attending Penn State University, bonding over a love of dreamy folk-rock music and a shared socio-political belief system. In February 2016, they self-released a three-song EP, Sea the Blind, which was internationally lauded by numerous blogs and YouTube communities for its sweeping vocals, full sound, and sincere lyrics. Since the summer, their song, “Leave”, has received over 150,000 plays via Mostly Strings on YouTube and over 20,000 plays via other online streams.

A full year later, Sea Offs is releasing another self-recorded/produced, full-length album. It features a fuller, more dynamic soundscape and honest, emotional lyrics. What’s the Point? is out on March 31st worldwide.

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