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Kiirstin Marilyn – “She” (single and video premiere)


Having tipped Kiirstin Marilyn’s forthcoming release Worldly Affairs in our Most Anticipated Albums list for 2017, it’s good to see her releasing the signature single on 14 March, right on schedule, and we are delighted to premiere it here.

“She” is a song with a story, which is not surprising as Kiirstin is well known for placing political activism at the heart of her work. Drawing inspiration from her Grandmother’s flight from Soviet-occupied Estonia, with her six-month old child, Kiirstin uses her music to amplify the fight for equality and human rights against present day fears of vulnerability.

The creative process has borne new respect for her Grandmother, Linda Liholm, as Kiirstin explains:

“My grandmother endured so much hardship and heartache to allow for me to have what has been a fairly easy life here in the United States. I’ve never known war. I’ve never known hunger. I’ve never known true fear.”

Despite the tough content, “She” is softer, gentler and warmer that Kiirstin’s previous material, including her EP Ghosts which was released in Summer 2016. Co-written and co-produced by Justin Ardolino, “She” demonstrates that voices don’t have to be loud to be heard. Nevertheless, Kiirstin’s crystal clear vocals carry the sentiment of the song, precisely placed over delicate instrumentation. Juxtaposing dreamy atmospherics with the nightmare experience of the refugee, the effect is troubling, but that is how it should be. As the lyrics say “She is stronger than you think…she lights a fire inside of me”, so Kiirstin’s music will continue to light fires of consciousness for some time to come.

Expressing the intention that “She” will be an anthem for all “nasty women”, Kiirstin is making the single available through Noisetrade, with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. Click here for your copy, and catch Kiirstin live as she tours the tri-state area – dates are here.

Kiirstin as as well-known for her short-film music videos as for her songs, so take a look at the video for “She” below, or – if you prefer – check out the audio below.

And follow Kiirstin Marilyn at: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

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  1. What a amazing song and message! Thank you for using your voice to speak up for women everywhere! I can’t wait to play this for my daughters!

  2. “She” is a heartfelt, inspirational song that perfectly represents the rising wave of feminism sweeping the country.
    I think women everywhere will feel a connection to this song- it has become my new anthem! I LOVE this song!

  3. Valerie Kuhi

    Wonderful article. She is a beautiful homage to all women who faced hardship so that all generations after them could enjoy the freedoms they fought to obtain. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude. We repay them by the lives we lead

  4. Adam Baranello

    Very proud to call this human being my friend! Absolutely love this video and song!

  5. Great article, great song! Thanks, Flo, for the thoughtful write up.

  6. Justa Ryhmes

    Well written, Flo!

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