It’s St. Paddy’s Day, so for The Matinee March 17th edition we’re offering a selection of music that will either bring you a bit of luck or help that green ale go down more smoothly. Wendy and Jeanette are in Austin for SXSW, so Hollie and Ben are the lucky souls curating today’s mini-playlist. We kick things off, rather appropriately, in Dublin with some luscious dream pop.


Montauk Hotel – “Black Dress” (Dublin, Ireland)

RIYL: Alvvays, Best Coast, Neko Case

What better way to celebrate all things Irish than with this debut single from emerging indie dream pop quartet Montauk Hotel? For starters, “Black Dress” is an ace example of shimmering dream pop. It also happens to clock in at exactly 3:17, making it the perfect tune for today. While the band may not have planned that, we’re certain they have taken great care in making “Black Dress” perfect in every way.

Montauk Hotel are four talented musicians with bright futures ahead of them. Front woman Claudia Verdecchia’s commanding vocals at times echo both The Go-Go’s Belinda Carlile, Neko Case, and Alvvays’ Molly Rankin. Beneath this song’s dreamy vintage vibes lie tightly woven layers of bliss-inducing hooks. This is the kind of tune that helps you transition from harsh winter weather into warm spring days. In a word, it’s luminous. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more stunning debut.

You can find “Black Dress” on their self-titled debut that released last week. Both are available at their Bandcamp page.

Montauk Hotel are: Claudia Verdecchia (vocals), Shell Dooley (guitar), Aoife Hester (bass), and Karima Dillon El-Toukhy (drums).

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Anteros – “Drunk” (London, England)

RIYL: Black Honey, Wolf Alice, Warpaint

Every St. Paddy’s playlist needs a song whose title reflects the likely outcome of the day? “Drunk,” however, isn’t about being intoxicated from the endless number of pints that will be consumed on this deal, but another substance that makes us lose control. And leave it to one of the best, little bands (and one of our all-time favorites) emerging from the UK scene to give us a song that will leave you delirious.

Anteros‘ new single is a fiery, blazing song about the intoxicating effects of love. Like drowning a six-pack of your favorite lager, love make us do things that we ordinarily wouldn’t do. It makes us lose control of our senses, say things we normally wouldn’t, and just completely takes over every aspect of our lives. “I’m so drunk and in love with you. And do all the crazy things that I shouldn’t do.” These two lyrics say it all, and we’ve all been through it.

“Drunk” is the lead single and title track of their forthcoming, new EP, which arrives April 14th via Distiller Records. The video for the song is also well worth watching.

Anteros are Laura Hayden (vocals), Joshua Rumble (bass), Charles Monneraud (guitar), and Harry Balazs (drums).

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Little Dragon – “Sweet” (Gothenburg, Sweden)

RIYL: Little Dragon

Last month, Swedish superstars Little Dragon teased fans with a new single, “High”, which was a torrid affair. They didn’t announced they would be releasing a new album, but the rumor mill went into overdrive. Last week, they made it official that album number 5 will arrive next month, and the new single is “Sweet”.

This song is simply awesome. “Sweet” is the perfect amalgamation of electronic music of the past thirty years. It tickles with the video antics of the ’80s, the funk-infused electronica of the ’90s and early ’00s, and the sultry electro-pop that occupies the genre today. As this song will get you on your feet and moving, maybe the band should have called this song, “Sweat”, which we are doing right now.

Little Dragon’s long-awaited new album, Season High, is out April 14th. Pre-order links can be found on the band’s website. The group is comprised of Yukimi Nagano (vocals/percussion), Håkan Wirenstrand (keys), Fredrik Källgren Wallin (bass), and Erik Bodin (drums).

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Echo Ladies – “Nothing Ever Lasts” (Malmö, Sweden)

RIYL: My Bloody Valentine, No Joy, Cocteau Twins

While our mini-playlist has its fair share of adrenaline-inducing numbers, relative newcomers Echo Ladies take today’s award with their wonderful new single, “Nothing Ever Lasts”. Straight out of the annals of My Bloody Valentine’s remarkable career, “Nothing Ever Lasts” is a cosmic, shoegaze delight. The distortion-filled guitars, the heart-pounding percussion, and the stirring vocals of frontwoman Matilda Bogren create a soundscape that is simultaneously blissful and euphoric. The driving nature of the song gives the impression one is chasing after a dream or a loved one, trying to hold on to one final moment that will last forever. Too bad T2: Trainspotting 2 already is out because this song would have been perfect on the soundtrack.

Echo Ladies are Matilda Bogren, Joar Andersen, and Mattis Andersson. We’ll be hearing more from them soon, as they are signed to excellent Swedish label Hybris.

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Alessandra – “Your River” (Stockholm, Sweden)

RIYL: Lana Del Rey, Cat Power, The Belle Game

We slow things down a bit with a song by an artist whose voice will hit you harder than five shots of Jamesons. If you haven’t already, meet Alessandra, who has been receiving tremendous amount of buzz in Sweden after being awarded the Denniz Pop Awards’ “Best Rookie Artist of the Year” in 2016. Earlier this month, she released her latest single.

“Your River” is an exquisite pop ballad that will floor you from the very start. Alessandra’s powerful vocals have a touch of Lana Del Rey’s smokiness and the captivating authority of Cat Power. The music is gripping and cinematic, escalating to a finale that is simply breathtaking. This song calls for a late-night highball that will allow you to slowly drown yourself into Alessandra’s mastery.

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Arlie – “Big Fat Mouth” (Nashville, USA)

RIYL: Foster the People, MGMT, Portugal. The Man

Not every playlist nor night must end with a contemplative song. Some nights, like St. Paddy’s Day, calls for a boisterous finale. A tune that will get the energy flowing, have you take one last turn on the dance floor, and put a smile on your face. The latest single by Nashville band Arlie will do all of this.

Echoing Foster the People and MGMT, “Big Fat Mouth” is a euphoric, pop anthem. The cool melody and the bursts of the bass and beats are exhilarating, creating a sweltering soundscape that feels like summer. Despite the warm, catchy vibes, the song is for every stupid boyfriend who has put his foot in his mouth. It is one part an apology and another part an expression of one’s undying love. Yeah, guys can be idiots, but we also incredible romantics as this song shows.

Arlie are Nate Banks, George Miller, Adam Lochemes, Carson Lystad, Tommy Leahy

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