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DIDI – “Sorry” (single premiere)


In the music industry, the dividing line between those behind the mixing desk and those behind the mike can seem like the boundary between two nations. Different cultures, different personalities, even different languages. The divide is gendered, too, with far fewer women in the engineering and producing space, so a successful female producer who transitions to performer is bound to attract attention.

Lauren Deakin Davies has established an enviable reputation as a producer and sound engineer. Starting out as a 17-year old at Cream Room Sound Production, the self-confessed “massive nerd” took a while to notice that being a girl was something different until “it dawned on me that I was the only female record producer I knew!” Moving on a few short years, Lauren has added sessioning as a guitar and bass player and touring and backing vocals to her resume, so maybe it was only a matter of time before she stepped forward with her own sound.

Taking the stage name DIDI, a play on words from a popular abbreviation of her surname, Lauren is releasing her self-penned, self-produced, and self-released single, “Sorry”, today. DIDI is living proof that sisters can do it for themselves, and we are delighted to be premiering her debut here.

Energetic with a neo-punk edge, “Sorry” steps into the art-pop niche opened by Playing House with undeniable echoes of Alanis Morissette. DIDI’s vocals span the emotional chasm from wistful to challenging and back again, supported by guitars that ebb and flow effortlessly, raising the whirlpool of DIDI’s mood before setting it down in a reflection of shared responsibility. DIDI may claim to be sorry, but there’s righteous anger and a demand for acknowledgment in her song. #sorrynotsorry.

Keep an eye on DIDI’s Facebook | Twitter for details of where to grab your copy of the release. And expect more of DIDI’s artfully assertive compositions and fiercely provocative vocals in the near future, with more music following soon.

Image by Bellanova Photography

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  1. Chris Bowden

    Immediately connected with this song – a great new and exciting sound. Good luck with your solo career and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

  2. Keith Holt

    Can hear and feel the emotion in every word. Such a talent , so glad your going to express yourself with a solo career.

  3. What a fantastic debut! Having being teased waiting to hear this, I must say that the wait was well worth it. Love the unique sound, arrangement and vocals. If there’s a young artist to watch out for in 2017 then DIDI must be at the top the list. ‘Sorry’ is now on my playlist and will get it’s first of many plays this week.

  4. Annie Deakin

    I love the sound of your voice,the lyrics are very poinant,brilliant arrangement.You have sooo much to be proud of herexxxI love the art work ,what an amazingly creative person you arexx

  5. Fantastic. Love it…

  6. Guys, where do I even start! You are so amazing! I can’t get this huggee grin of my face, I really didn’t expect this response! Thank you xx

  7. OMG so glad I discovered this girl early she’s gonna be huge!

  8. Enjoyed this track immensely. Having seen Didi in her support roles I’m not surprised she’s decided to headline her own material. Talented artist and excellent performer I look forward to more Didi music.

  9. Toni Sidgwick

    What an awesome track! Such a unique and standout style from a super talented artist. Can’t wait to hear more, until then “Sorry” will definitely be getting put on repeat!

  10. loved it lauren …you sure are a very talented girl …must get it from your mum …really enjoyed the song and look forward to hearing more, and the cherry on top , being able to see you play live again one day…. lauren you are a winner

  11. Cassy Paris

    What a lovely fresh sound. I haven’t heard anything so wonderfully raw for so long. Stunning voice and all works together perfectly ! Can’t wait to hear more !

  12. Brilliant, worth the wait with the teaser sound clips these past few days from Lauren’s Facebook Page ( I’m looking forward to hearing more from DIDI in the future! 🙂

  13. Kevin Thompson

    Brilliant, worth the wait with the teaser sound clips from Lauren’s DIDI Facebook Page these last few days ( I’m looking forward to hearing more from DIDI in the future! 🙂

  14. Kate Dimbleby

    So full of life. A one woman explosion! This is a gorgeous track.

  15. Brian Hewitt

    Well done Lauren, I didn’t know what to expect, but I like what you have done. I have to be impressed with so much you is in that song, As they say, Talent shows and you certainly have talent. Well done and congratulations. Things can only go from strength to strength for you.

  16. Helen Meissner

    Just love this. So raw. So full of emotion. Not much of this around at the moment. Everything is anaethetised and bland. Well done for sharing this debut. I hope it does really well for DIDI. Great new talent.

  17. this is soooooooo good…my summer 2017 choon….yeeeeeeeeha

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