Last summer before heading to the Newport Folk Festival, I did some research of bands I was unfamiliar with so I would be sure not to miss any unknown-to-me gems. The Staves were one of the bands I had identified during my homework, and I was rewarded with a wonderful live performance. When I heard they were playing Zaphod Beeblebrox, I quickly bought tickets, thrilled that I’d be able to see them perform in such a cozy spot. With the strong demand, the show attendance outgrew the venue and it was moved to the Bronson Centre to accommodate the number of people who wanted to see them.

The band was everything I knew they would be. They sounded fantastic and certainly did not seem out of place on the bigger stage. In between songs, the band shared humourous tour stories, such as shoveling out of a snowstorm in Montreal with plastic cutlery, making the performance more intimate. Near the end of the main set, the band played their emotional new single, Tired As Fuck, which has radio hit written all over it! An a cappella version of Mexico closed the thoroughly enjoyable show.

The evening started off with Rochester, NY-hailing Mikaela Davis, whose lovely vocals were perfectly matched with her enchanting harp.

Follow The Staves at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Follow Mikaela Davis at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The Staves
The Staves
The Staves
The Staves
Mikaela Davis


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