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Matthew Good Gets the Crowd Going at Ottawa’s NAC (photo essay)


Matthew Good‘s 28-date cross-Canada Beautiful Midnight Revisited tour stopped in Ottawa on March 16th for a show in Southam Hall of the National Arts Centre. The tour was announced with the release of the  I Miss New Wave: Beautiful Midnight Revisited EP, a new twist on a handful of the songs from the 1999 Juno winning album.

Accompanied by Blake Manning on drums, Stuart Cameron on guitar and Peter Fusco on bass, they all took to the stage to the cheerleader chants of the historic album’s opening track “Giant”. The set went from stem to stern  of the album’s track list, 14 songs deep. Matthew seemed very comfortable during the evening, enjoying a repartee with the crowd, venturing up and down the aisles singing while fans smiled and snapped selfies,  to finding himself a free seat in the front row and just watching his tour mates play like an audience member. The evening ended on a trio of well-known songs including Hospital Music’s “Born Losers”, lighter-swaying “Apparitions”, and the power-house anthem “Weapon”.

Opening the evening was Craig Stickland, who’s debut Leave Me to the Wild was released early in 2016. He hinted a new album is forthcoming.

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Matthew Good
Matthew Good, Stuart Cameron & Peter Fusco
Matthew Good, Stuart Cameron & Peter Fusco
Matthew Good, Stuart Cameron & Peter Fusco
Matthew Good


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  1. So sad I missed the show! What a great, great group of musicians performing for MG….guitar, bass and vocals WOW!!

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