At its core, music is therapeutic. At its peak, music is cathartic. When a song brings these two elements together, people take notice.

To arrive at this intersection, too often an individual must travel down a path full of pain, loss, and fear. A sense of loneliness and vulnerability are the likely companions, but at some point the darkness ebbs away and a glimmer of hope and optimism arrives. We have all traveled down this route in our lives; some more often than others. As the old adage goes, it isn’t so much the destination but the journey that matters. How do we react to the situation? Do we allow regret to consume us or do we grab hold of the new opportunities before us?

For Emily Keil, who goes by the moniker Emmy Rival, it was the end of a 10-year relationship that brought her to where she is today. While she has long been involved in music – attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, apprenticed under CeeLo Green in Las Vegas – Keil will release her debut EP this summer. Today, she shares its title track, “Native Gold”, which we are pleased to premiere today.

“Native Gold” is the culmination of the past ten-plus years of Keil’s life. It is a reflection of the long-term relationship and its impact. As Keil shares:

This song is about a broken relationship, and the realization that some connections become so deeply rooted and native to who you are as a person. It’s my attempt to pull the purest parts out of myself that showed up in the relationship and begin healing and moving forward.

“Native Gold”, however, represents even more than just Keil revealing her soul. It symbolizes her rejuvenation – or reincarnation – as she adopts a dark, brooding, electro-pop sound. Consequently, the song, with its minefield soundscapes akin to BANKS and Daughter, is therapeutic for its artist yet cathartic to its listeners. It is just a devastatingly beautiful number from a woman who has reclaimed her life.

Hear the song below. “Native Gold” will officially be released on March 31st. It can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

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