With the turn of the calendar and the changing of the seasons, the music, too, is blossoming. Sun-kissed numbers, uplifting ballads, memorable anthems, searing rockers, and witty stories occupy the Weekend Showcase 3.12 edition, which has a record-setting 58 songs. The featured artists are representing 16 countries, including: Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, the United States, and Zimbabwe.

The playlist and tracklisting, as usual, follows the list of articles from the past week.

Enjoy the great music and please continue to join us on our daily adventure in mining the globe’s hidden gems.




  • The Matinee March 27th – Ali Horn, Babyalligator, Cathedrals, Charlotte Cardinale, Milkpunch, Odina, Radclyffe Hall, Safetalk, Secret Knives
  • The Matinee March 28th – Agent blå, Big Tooth, Cajsa Slik, Diet Cig, Jordan Mackampa, Marlon Brando Island, Seeing Hands, Steady Holiday, Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes
  • The Matinee March 30th – Aldous Harding, Celebration, KWAYE, Miles Recommends, Mt Wolf, Of Empires, Slow Dancer, Sloan Peterson, Violet Sands
  • The Matinee March 31st – Dead Language, Flamingods, Hoops, Imaginary People, Mojave Nomads, The Presolar Sands, Tashaki Miyaki, Trevor Sensor, Wolf Solent
  • Saturday Sampler April 1st – Arbitraire, Bloodboy, Dama Scout, Joy Downer, Modern Pleasure, O+S, Oh Wonder, Victoria Celestine, WHITE


Weekend Showcase 3.12 Tracklisting

  • Spoon – “WhisperI’lllistentohearit” (Austin, USA)
  • Cathedrals – “Don’t Act Like a Stranger” (San Francisco, USA)
  • Slowdive – “Sugar For the Pill” (Reading, England)
  • Monster Movie – “Keep the Voices Distant” (London, England)
  • Oh Wonder – “Ultralife” (London, England)
  • Slow Dancer – “It Goes On” (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Seeing Hands – “Love You Still” (Newcastle, England)
  • Diet Cig – “Link In Bio” (Brooklyn, USA)
  • Dama Scout – “Paper Boy” (Glasgow, Scotland & London, England)
  • O+S – “Remember When (The Backroads)” (Los Angeles / Omaha USA)
  • KWAYE – “Cool Kids” (London, England via Zimbabwe)
  • Joy Downer – “Stranger Places” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Agent blå – “Rote Learning” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • Dead Language – “The Man Who Killed My Father” (Sydney, Australia)
  • Jordan Mackampa – “Saint” (Coventry, England via Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Trevor Sensor – “The Money Gets Bigger” (Sterling, Illinois, USA)
  • Starwheel – “Drip Feed” (Derby, England)
  • Bloodboy – “Important To The World” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • C Duncan – “Nothing At All” (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • Secret Knives – “My Arpeggio” (cover of The Mint Chicks) (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Flamingods – “Rhama” (London, England and Bahrain)
  • Safetalk – “Universal” (Paris, France & Berlin, Germany)
  • Milkpunch – “Dandelion Time” (Sydney, Australia via Brasilia, Brazil)
  • Of Empires – “See You With The Angels, Kid” (Brighton, England)
  • Dabble – “Caramelized” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Mt. Wolf – “Heavenbound” (London, England)
  • WHITE – “One Night Stand Forever” (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • Big Tooth – “Annie Girl” (London, England)
  • Loosie – “Today” (Brooklyn, USA)
  • Hoops – “On Top” (Bloomington, Indiana, USA)
  • Odina – “Why’d You Make Me Cry” (London, England via Barcelona, Spain)
  • Ali Horn – “Days Like Today” (Liverpool, England)
  • Cajsa Siik – “White Noise” (Stockholm/Umeå, Sweden)
  • Lunar Twin – “Waves” (Los Angeles/Hawaii/Salt Lake City, USA)

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