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Euphoria Festival 2017 – What it is and Who to See


Central Texas has recovered from the long weeks of SXSW and is ready for the next big music event – Euphoria. The festival is one of the newer concerts with their premier being back in 2012 with only about 3,000 attended the event. Fast forward to 2016, and that crowd participation has increased to 50,000. With their most impressive line up yet, Euphoria is expected to have their biggest year.

So how did Euphoria is a festival grow quickly in popularity? The big draw is that the festival focuses on electronic music (although there are some hip hop and indie performers in the bill) while offering certain activities that are not common at festivals. The festival will host yoga sessions, live artists painting, and creative workshops that range from mindful sexuality, rainwater harvesting, and intro to Ableton – a popular sampling program used by EDM artists.

There is a lot be to covered with over 30 new acts spread throughout the four day festival. Here are the performances we do not plan to miss:


Personally, out of all the bands on the line up, I listen to Tennyson the most. This Canadian brother and sister duo have a catalog of tunes that make the perfect playlist for creative thinking. Their sound ranges from relaxing EDM to kooky synth driven tones that sound fitting in a Michel Gondry film.    

The Knocks

This American band is as influential as heavy weight french electronic bands like Justice and Daft Punk in the EDM community. With their recent 5th EP, Testify released this past February, The Knocks will have an exciting set list to see.


Poolside has a distinct vibe that that makes them stick out in the electronic music scene. Their tunes are overly positive and filled with major chord progressions that are best listened to during a sunny day.


Chromeo is the first band I saw on the list and knew they were a must see. I photographed the band back in July 2016 when they headlined Float Fest and their performance has stuck with me since. Bright white lights, leather jackets, and 80s inspired guitar solos have kept Chromeo in my list of one of the best performing bands.

Silent Disco (event)

Euphoria is one of the few festivals that provides a silent disco – an event where the participants use wireless headphones to listen to the performers instead of through a speaker system. If you haven’t been to a silent disco, then be sure to try it out this weekend. There will be 25 performers for the event.

Euphoria is April 6-9th. You can find more information, purchase tickets, and make camping arrangements at the festival’s website.

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