For decades, artists have hid their identities in order to maintain their anonymity and allow their music and craft speak for them. Daft Punk for years remained an unknown, as they took to the stage donning space suits and whatever costume in their wardrobe. Burial, Zhu, and deadmau5 achieved massive success in electronica without people discovering who they were. In pop music, Sia and LP did their work behind the scenes before revealing themselves. And within indie circles, Unknown Mortal Orchestra started as a mysterious project with a single Bandcamp song while artists like Haux and hd hausmann have established cult followings (including ourselves). Can this path lead to success for the latest enigmatic artist, Hider?

Similar to Ruban Nielsen, Sia, and Laura Pergolizzi, Hider is a veteran singer-songwriter, who has returned after a six-year hiatus but under a new moniker. And today, he makes his triumphant return with his new single, “You Look So Amazing”, which we are extremely pleased to premiere today.

This dazzling number is akin to the heart-racing cinema of Future Islands. It is breathtaking and dramatic, and every second of the song feels like it could be its very last. It feels like a race to say one final goodbye or make the apology that never was made. While this song is an ode to someone Hider lost, it also feels like a confessional from an artist who unexpectedly went off the music grid.

Everything I could have done.
Everything I should have said.
All these things that I regret,
Makes it harder to accept.

How long Hider will remain anonymous is a question without an answer, but a gifted talented cannot stay in hiding forever.

Hear “You Look So Amazing” below. Both the video, which was directed by Lukasz Pytlik, and audio are provided. A shot bio of Hider, which includes an explanation of why he chose the pseudonym, follows the media.

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Short biography of Hider

For the past six years, London-based singer-songwriter has been spent his time selling guitars along London’s legendary Denmark Street; producing other artists’ work; writing soundtracks for countless brand adverts, such as Porsche and Skoda; and creating the music for trailers like The Walking Dead and the 2015 film Suffragette. While this time period has provided invaluable and varied experiences, Hider felt lost. Now, it’s time for this musician to engage with his creative soul once again, putting the most close to his heart first and foremost.

Speaking on why this reignited singer-songwriter chose the name pseudonym, Hider explains:

“I guess for the last six years, I feel like I’ve been in hiding. It has been great to have success writing music for ads and trailers, but I’ve been itching to do my own thing again for a while now. I want Hider to be all about the music, I don’t have a personal Facebook and I don’t want Hider to get sucked into social media, posting ungenuine content. I also don’t like having my photo taken.”

“You Look So Amazing” represents Hider’s first foray into the music scene since 2011 and a re-introduction to many of his craft.

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