The Matinee April 3rd has an upbeat theme today. We have encouraging tracks, ethereal ones and edgy indie rock ones. We hope these 6 tracks get your weekend moving. Artists are representing the US and the UK today. We hope you find your new favorite band or track today.

Fickle Friends – “Hello Hello” (Brighton, England)

RIYL: Marian Hill, Oh Wonder, Sylvan Esso

Fickle Friends are back with new music. The Brighton based  Indie pop darlings are back with the infectious “Hello Hello”. The upbeat and positive track will get you moving whether it be on the treadmill, or moving along to your shimmery summer playlist.

This song would also be a great road trip track. “Hello Hello” has a straight up 80s pop vibe and proclaims “you’re a winner even though you think you’re not”.

The quintet have been releasing a few singles over the past year so we are hoping for an un upcoming EP and/or album. Fickle Friends are Natti, Sam, Harry, Chris  and Wilson.

The single is out now via Polydor Records.

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Jake Houlsby – “Oklahoma” (Newcastle, England)

RIYL: Fleet Foxes, Old Sea Brigade, Sufjan Stevens

Jake Houlsby has just released “Oklahoma”. The track has a complete ethereal feel whose theme is centered around one of the southern US states as the main lyric proclaims “Oklahoma, take me in”.

Mr Houlsby shares a bit about the track: “There’s something about the American South that has always enchanted me. I’d just read Woody Guthrie’s autobiography a few years ago when I remember seeing pictures of Oklahoma and getting this weird feeling of discontent and nostalgia. I wrote this song shortly after.”

So far we have two solid tracks for his upcoming EP so we are intrigued to hear more from the Newcastle native.  “Oklahoma” is the second track taken from Houlsby’s forthcoming, new EP, Vondelpark. It will be out May 5th via Tipping Point Records.

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JR JR – “Same Dark Places” (Detroit, USA)

RIYL: Coast Modern, Hippo Campus, Miniature Tigers

“Same Dark Places” is the newest release from Detroit born JR JR. The duo has a knack for making a serious track with an upbeat feel. The track is completely danceable with a very positive message about those who may be going through struggles in life. There’s a tropical vibe throughout with the added touch of horns that make the track quite special.

The lyrics are great and keep reminding us we are all the same and we all struggle as the lyrics state “I know we all go to the same dark places/I know everybody goes to the same dark places/sometimes in the dead of night when you think you can’t make it, you might find I left a light beside the bed for you because I’ve been there too /and don’t think it’s just you because we’ve all been there too.”

“Same Dark Places” is out now via Warner Music Group. JR JR are Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott.

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LISBON – “Tyler” (Newcastle, England)

RIYL: Milky Chance, Twenty One Pilots

The newest track from LISBON is something quite different from some of their previous indie-pop-rock earworm singles like “Vice” and “Shark”. It’s almost Twenty-One Pilots-esque with the hip hop element woven in with a bit harder rock element than what we have heard previously. The guitar pieces are less airy too on “Tyler” and after realizing the inspiration and background of the track – it all makes sense. “Tyler” is a great example of the diversity of the LISBON and has us guessing what will be next.

The band shares a bit about the motivation behind the track: “’Tyler’ takes its inspiration from Fight Club character Tyler Durden, who leads an army of ‘slaves in white collars’ against the establishment. It’s built around today’s lost generation, working for the weekend, dreaming of the California sun’.

LISBON are Matthew Varty, Joe Atkinson, and Alex Wright.

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Swimm – “First Time” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Day Wave, ELEL, Surf Rock is Dead

Swimm have been pretty quiet outside of  last year’s Man’s Man/Groupie release. We are happy to hear new tunes from the LA based duo. “First Time” is the lead single from their anticipated upcoming debut album which is slated to be released later this year.

Although the cover photo is quite interesting (we believe it’s symbolic in some sort of way–maybe), the track itself is a layered gem which includes Chris Hess’ signature vocals gliding over ethereal piano synth with hypnotic bassline and solid percussion. The lyrics go back to the very beginnings of a physical relationship and the feelings involved with that type of bond.

The single is released just ahead of their Love You Down festival which is actually this Saturday night. If you are in the LA area, buy tickets hereSwimm are Chris Hess and Adam Winn.

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The War on Peace – “Fear Of Loss” (Chicago, USA)

RIYL: Colony House, The Fray, Mutemath

“Fear of Loss” is a track that will sit with you fpr a moment and leaves you in a different state after listening. The track tackles loss in an emotionally charged way with lyrics that cover tragedy and complete devastation yet all set against beautifully soaring piano/synth and an ethereal tone.

The track starts off remembering a beautiful love and then turns into some sort of a nightmare with lyrics that state  “the sky began to burn/but the only thing we heard/the sirens screaming through the distant blur/we watched it all come down/as the city lights went out/they left us there never to return”.

“Fear of Loss” is off of the band’s forthcoming EP, Automated People. We are curious if there is a theme throughout this EP and “Fear of Loss” is just the first glimpse of The War on Peace’s storytelling.

The War on Peace are Grahm Bailey, Steven Burkholder, and Jeremy Schering.

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