What do you do when you graduate Unversity? Grow up? Get a proper job? Put the drums in the loft and leave the guitar to gather dust in the corner? Not necessarily…

As actor Jim Carrey remarked, “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love”, so Brighton-based band Halcyon have made the transition from student days at Exeter Uni to full-time musicians. Their first post-graduation offering, their single “Tongue-Tied”, will be released on April 6th, and we are excited to premiere it here.

Recorded at Middle Farm studios in Devon with producer James Bragg (Gengahr/Saltwater Sun/Grace Lightman), “Tongue-Tied” features dream-pop influences reminiscent of Halcyon’s South-coast contemporaries and good friends, Tourists. Since Tourists also worked with James Bragg on their recent release “Masquerade”, comparisons are inevitable. It’s good to hear that Halcyon are carving out their own sound.

Opening with hypnotically-resonant guitar over dreamy synths, the track could choose to head into meditation, mantras, and chants. Not a chance! A skip of drums break into Rory Mitchell’s vocals, and we’re immersed in wondrously energetic indie-rock. Grounded in accomplished musicianship, the arrangements are cleverly constructed to give an impression of simplicity to surprisingly complex inter-weavings of sound. Rory’s voice embraces the emotion of the lyrics with pathos and believability, drawing us into the song. So far so good – “Tongue-Tied” has all the ingredients to fill the floor and leave fans wanting more.

And there is more. At 2  min 45 sec, just when many bands would sign off, Halcyon trips it down into deliciously engaging guitar. Suddenly intimate, each note elegantly placed, leading into swirling soft-psychedelia, a calling card for the edge of genius. No more Brit-pop, this is Halcyon telling us that they are capable of something new, different and unique. A moment of risk shows their potential to push the envelope.

Halcyon are: Rory Mitchell (vocals/guitar), Sam Bowen (vocals /synth), Luke Colwell (bass), and Ben Leftley (drums).

Catch Halcyon live at Nambucca on the Holloway Road, London – with their mates from Tourists – on April 14th, and keep an eye on their Facebook page and Twitter feed for upcoming gigs in Brighton and London.

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