The Strumbellas have been enjoying a lot of success lately, and all well deserved. In 2016, they made appearances at some of North America’s premier festivals. I saw them at both Osheaga and the Newport Folk Festival. Each time I’ve seen them live, they seem to perform with more confidence, and based on the strength of their latest album, Hope, they have every right to be confident. The album has a number of catchy songs that are sure to be part of their setlists for years to come.

You may be wondering what is different about the kids show? For starters, the show was at 4pm, there was no opening act and the set was a little shorter (kids aren’t known for patience). As to the music, the band did not need to alter much, as their music is already accessible to people of all ages. There was one other notable difference; the band doesn’t usually ask the audience to guess their favourite animal, but that was the segue to the sole children’s song in the set, “I Love Sharks“. I am sure parents must have really appreciated a child-friendly event where they could bring the kids without worry and at the same time enjoy some music not aimed exclusively to young audiences. Meanwhile, The Strumbellas were able to help develop a love of live music in the next generation.

$2 from every ticket went to MusiCounts, whose goal it is to ensure that all children in Canada have access to music education. Kudos to everyone involved with this event as it was truly lovely to witness.

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