Since 2015, we have asked independent artists to share their favorite memories from their time at SXSW. In just a couple of years, this project has become one of our most popular features thanks to the growing interests of bands and singers from around the world. Forty-five artists participated in this year’s edition, including Forever.

The young singer-songwriter and producer is the latest sensation from the music factory known as Montreal. Like so many of the city’s creative geniuses, Forever is doing something unique within the realm of electronica: adding a Sade-level sultriness. Her music is extremely sensual and provocative, where her voice and music invite you to share an intimate moment. Or in other words, she is bridging the divide between the late-night, ’60s jazz club with today’s glamorous night clubs. Sounds like just the artist who would dazzle tastemakers at SXSW. 

~ SOOO definitely wanna give a shout out to the Super 8 Motel’s continental breakfast where you could make your own waffles in the shape of Texas.

~ Hanging out with Justin Trudeau! Joking, but Pop Montreal threw a groovy party and a HOT HOT showcase at the Swan Dive (including Yours Truly).

~ And many gracious thank yous to all the girls who came up close while I sang. Being assertive as a woman in the industry is so important to me as an artist, and I’m always seeking that connection with other women ’cause these venues need to be infused with girl power!

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Photo credit to Thom Gilles

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