Since 2015, we have asked independent artists to share their favorite memories from their time at SXSW. In just a couple of years, this project has become one of our most popular features thanks to the growing interests of bands and singers from around the world. Forty-five artists participated in this year’s edition, including Sharkmuffin.

If you don’t know Sharkmuffin, you will soon when their new album, Tsuki, arrives May 5 via Little Dickman Records. Originally just Tarra Thiessen (guitar/vocals) and Natalie Kirch (bass/vocals), the band has expanded to include Drew Adler (drums) and Chris Nunez (guitar). The larger formation has meant this punk-rock band is louder, bigger, and better. Face-melting is an adjective often associated with their music and their performances. But there is a softer side to the band as revealed in their favorite memories of SXSW.

1. We stayed at the most amazing ranch house (via AirBnb) outside of Austin with the Little Dickman Records family. Tarra got to camp inside a chapel, and we played slap the bag around a fire. There were also two beautiful horses that roamed free around the ranch and a bunch of friendly chickens.

2. We played 9 shows with some of our favorite bands (Hockey Dad, Fruit & Flowers, The Coax, The Off White, Thelma & the Sleaze, Ramanda Hammer, and so many more) at venues we’ve always wanted to play at like Hotel Vegas and Spider House. At our third show of the day on Thursday, our guitar player Chris’ gear stopped working, and he threw the guitar off the stage in the most punk fashion but it landed in the most graceful way possible (and didn’t even break any more than it had already been broken).

3. Us and our tourmates Ex-Girlfeiends had a tour-long taco eating contest that Natalie totally won. It was close though!

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