The Spring thaw ushers in the start of Canadian Music Week, a festival intent on entertaining, educating, and featuring music, comedy, film, along with both trade/award shows and a conference. This year brings the 35th installment, and music lovers have a plethora of options over the 6-day stretch to scratch their new music itch. The Music Festival is held in about 60 venues in downtown Toronto and is brimming with homegrown and international goodness. A staggering 1000 artists will perform! Check out the schedule and see for yourself!

This year, the event runs from April 18th to 23rd. Here are a few artists to take under advisement if you want to get the best out of your bracelet. If you don’t have one yet, go here and get on it !

Darren suggests: 

The Kents (Tuesday, April 18th @ Mod Club)

The Kents, an indie-pop band based in Lindsay Ontario have crafted some very fine songs. Although they may only have one EP under their belt, there are some incredibly catchy tunes on it. Take a listen to “I Know” or “Something About Her”. Listen to them a couple times and you will be singing along, so why not join them and sing in person.

The Balconies (Wednesday, April 19th @ Adelaide Hall )

I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing The Balconies play many times. Saying they are getting better over time may be a disservice to just how great they were when I first saw them. The Balconies will deliver some kick-ass rock and lead singer/guitarist Jacquie Neville is a force to be reckoned with on stage. Her presence will demand your attention and you will happily give it and be lost in the performance. Don’t miss it!

Wolkoff (Wednesday, April 19th @ Revival )

Take a listen to Wolkoff’s music ( I dare you! While researching artists with whomI was not familiar featured at CMW, I came upon Wolkoff, which is the e-pop project of displaced Canadian, Brooklyn-based Joanie Wolkoff. I loved the first song I listened to, so I skipped to the next and so on until I exhausted her available catalog. Clearly Wolkoff has a knack for creating catchy songs you want to hear over and over again. Like I said, take a listen, if you dare.


Dina suggests: 

Zoe Sky Jordan (Wednesday, April 19th @ Nocturne )

Zoe Sky Jordan delivers an alt pop punch early off in the festival. Her 2016 self-released album Topiary is sure to sprout your interest in the captivating vocals of this Toronto native, now settled in Nashville. Get a green thumb and get out on a Tuesday.

Letters To Lions (Thursday, April 20th @ Piston)

Hailing from Cronella Beach, this four-piece band from the southern hemisphere delivers a solid selection of indie pop rock. They recently released their debut EP, Clean Eating, and what I’ve heard is healthily satisfying. Perch yourself at The Piston and enjoy their musical offerings, strait from Australia to you.

Nuela Charles (Thursday April 20th @ Painted Lady)

If at the midnight hour you find yourself searching for a little soul, Nuela Charles is what you need. Her 2016 release, The Grand Hustle, will keep you captivated into the wee hours of the night and make you forget you have work in the morning. Or at least make it worth the bleary-eyed Friday.

See you at the shows!


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