Only two songs into their career, English super-electronic group North Downs have taken the indie sphere by storm. Their music cannot be easily categorized, as they integrate numerous genres into their unique sound. Trip-hop, tropical house, R&B, rock, progressive soul – nothing is safe from North Downs’ surgical hands. Despite a few hundred thousand plays of their music, the band remains anonymous, although there are hints of who they are (just listen closely to the music or scour the internet).

Until they reveal their identities, what are other ways to learn who they are and what inspires? Easy, ask them to curate a playlist, which Jack has done for us today. The ten songs are below. As we had expected, the selection is diverse and expansive, crossing multiple genres and decades. No wonder these guys are already considered geniuses.

The playlist is immediately below. Where possible, we’ve also included the individual tracks with Jack’s explanations.

New music from North Downs is hopefully coming soon (fingers crossed). Follow the band at:

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1. Timber Timbre – “Grifting”

I’m a massive fan of Timber Timbre’s music and was really excited when I heard about the forthcoming album Sincerely, Future Pollution. In classic form, their music evolves with each record, and this second single has shades of Bowie, Stevie Wonder, MJ’s “Thriller”, and Tame Impala all wrapped up in one track. That’s me all over.

2. Royce Wood Junior – “Honeydripper”

Some real wonky soul here from Royce Wood Junior’s debut album, The Ashen Tang. I think he’s a really underrated artist and deserves to be much bigger than he is. I’m sure we’ll keep hearing amazing music from him for quite a while. This is a stone cold belter!

3. Sea Moya – “Nothing is Real”

I came across this German trio recently and was instantly won over. Some super solid psychedelic afrobeat. Can’t wait to hear more.

4. Talking Heads – “Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)”

I have been listening to Talking Heads since a kid, thanks to my Dad, and this is one of my favourites, which brings up memories of childhood summer BBQ’s. I can’t help but start shaking my tail feather whenever it comes on.

5. Tirzah – “No Romance”

I really love the lo-fi, British, bedroom-producer vibe on this. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and this is a good example of that. Kind of reminds me of early Hot Chip. Hypnotising.

6. Formation – “Gods”

I came across Formations debut LP, Powerful People, recently and was in to it from the off. It’s great to hear that raw dance-punk sound being represented in new music. It was hard for me to pick one off the album, but decided to run with this one. Paints a picture in my head of hedonistic after-parties in the early morning sun, which are the best kind.

7. Kutiman – “Jaffa Beach”

Kutiman is an artist from Israel. He’s a bit of a beast and consistently releases insane music. This track is from his 6am mini-album from last year, which is all great. This track in particular reminds me of being part of a soundtrack for a Guy Ritchie film that hasn’t been made yet.

8. Radiohead – “Lotus Flower”

One of my favourite Radiohead tracks. Enough said really.

9. Gonjasufi – “Your Maker” (Daddy G Remix)

I love the grittiness and rawness of Gonjasufi, and this Daddy G remix is gnarly. I would love to punch Donald Trump’s face to this track!

10. Calibro 35 – “Universe of 10 Dimensions”

Some intergalactic funk-rock from Calibro 35. I really love the LP this is from S.P.A.C.E. It kind of sounds like if Tarantino guest directed a Star Wars episode.

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