Canadian Music Week, the 6-night festival featuring music, comedy, film, along with both trade/award shows and a conference, is almost here! Now in it’s 35th year, April 18th through 23rd will see Toronto striking it rich with new music gold.  Held in about 60 venues in downtown, venture out to see some of the home grown and international talent. Get a bracelet, check out the schedule and find some gems !

If you were looking for some suggestions, here’s a few we’ve mined for you, though don’t forget to take a look at Part I for another half dozen ideas.

Dina suggests:

Krief (Friday, April 21st @ Rivoli)

Give this Montrealer a bit of your time and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. You may know him from The Dears, but his solo work similarly shines. Now on his 4th release, a double album with 20 tracks abundant in aural goodness, Automanic Red and Automanic Blue will paint a perfect Saturday night.

Alexandria Maillot  (Friday, April 21st @ The Paddock)

From the west coast, Vancouver Island to be exact, comes an artist with a fine way with words and a delightful voice to deliver them. Listen to her first full length album, Time, and give a gander to our review to understand why we’ve been enchanted for some time.

Bad Pony (Saturday, April 22nd @ Supermarket)

Get your Saturday started early and venture out to see Australia’s own Bad Pony. Expect some new material from their upcoming sophomore album Deficiency. If Saturday at 9pm  isn’t meshing with your schedule, they also play the Aussie Night Out 2 days earlier. Don’t miss out as when this pony shows and plays, you win!

Darren suggests:

Amelia Curran (Thursday, April 20th @ Phoenix Concert Theatre)

Amelia Curran is one of Canada’s truly gifted songwriters. Her songs are impeccably-crafted, emotive tales, often leaning towards the melancholy but with lyrics this perfect you will not mind. She is also a great storyteller and personable in her banter between songs. It is impossible to not walk away from her show a fan if you were not already. I would be remiss to not mention that the lineup for this show is chock·a·block with talent. Joining Amelia are Whitehorse, NQ Arbuckle and Tanya Tagaq, making this an all-star evening of entertainment.

New Swears (Friday, April 21st @ Garrison)

New Swears are a power-pop band with punk influences. If you want to lose yourself in a chaotic evening of dancing, partying and euphoria, this is where you want to be. Leave your inhibitions at home and prepare for a good time.

Youngblood (Saturday, April 22nd @ Drake Underground)

They may only have one EP, but I quickly fell in love with Youngblood based on the strength of their songs. ( Take a listen ) I met up with the band recently, as they played JUNOFest and their performance was fantastic. The band work the stage like seasoned pros, and Alexis Young fearlessly mingled with the crowd as she performed. Do yourself a favour and check this band out. They will make you “Feel Alright”.


See you at the shows!

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