“What is love but a series of curses? In the end it’s always worth it.”

That pragmatic point of view belongs to Australian singer/songwriter Sam Nicholson of Quivers. Today we’re pleased to share the new single from this emerging talent making his debut at Canadian Music Week 2017.

“Ridin’ on the Hearses” may have a bleak title, but don’t let that put you off. It’s an endearing slice of warm, jangly indie folk-rock that hits home, packed with emotional honesty and shimmering hooks. From the first notes, Nicholson’s caramel-smooth vocals serenade you with words of wisdom:

“The love that you were chasing is already gone
See it in the distance / just try to catch up
You and I will go ridin’ in the hearses
’til we break down”

“Ridin’ on the Hearses” is a road trip song, which is fitting since Quivers just made the day-long flight from Australia for their first North American shows. But there is more to this song than long drives and sightseeing. Its bittersweet inspiration comes from a place of loss for Nicholson – he wrote the song following the death of his brother in a free-diving accident. Now when Quivers hits the road, Nicholson travels with Tom’s spirit. On the song’s second verse, he recalls cherished memories:

“You taught me how to drive
patiently from the passenger side
Go swimming now to see what you’ll see
I’ll take you everywhere with me”

The strength of their sibling bond resonates on this song and is a testament to the healing power of music. Join Quivers in the passenger seat as they set out on new adventures at home and abroad.

This single is out now via Hotel Motel Records. You can get it here. The audio and video versions are below. Canadian fans looking to catch Quivers live this week in Ontario and Quebec can find CMW event details online. Quivers will continue recording their next album (with Courtney Barnett’s drummer, Dave Mudie) when they return home next month.

Nicholson is joined in Quivers by: Michael Panton, Angela Schilling, Jo Syme, and Rohan Goldsmith. You can follow Quivers on their social media channels:
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