The Matinee April 19th includes 6 awesome new tracks to get you moving. We hope these six songs get you through this amazing humpday and through the rest of the week. Artists are representing Canada, Sweden, The US and the UK today. We hope you find your new favorite song or band.

BEACH RIOT – “Mr Fixer” (London/Brighton, England)

RIYL: Queens of the Stone Age, Blood Red Shoes, Goon

Beach Riot are back with a new track and they continue to impress us after we checked out their debut single last month. We are super excited to share their second single, “Mr Fixer”, which is an amazing, in-your-face, indie-rock track. The dual vocals play well off of each other, and the fuzzed out guitars remind us of the best of ’90s era grunge rock.

The full on jam session right before the three-minute mark has us hooked. We are pretty sure this band would properly blow our minds live. In the meantime we can just hit repeat to stay properly hyped the rest of the day.

Beach Riot are: Rory O’Connor, Cami Menditeguy, Jim Faulkner & Jonny Ross.

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CHILDCARE  – “Dust” (London, England)

RIYL: Joy Atlas, Bells Atlas, The Octopus Project

CHILDCARE are back with a new release titled “Dust”. The track has a laid-back and summery vibe, yet lyrically it is about, depressingly, the end of the world complete with an angelic like chorus at the very end. The lingering lyric “soon we’ll all be dust” stays with you.

The band shares a bit about the track: “Having released some music about kissing mums and fancying a girl, I thought it only appropriate that we now tackled the impending end of the world in a global warming/nuclear strike scenario. ‘Dust’ describes a roasting high-temperature cooking experience and the final thoughts of a man approaching his maker.”

You ask why the band name CHILDCARE? Well it’s only fitting as Ed Cares was one of west London’s most in-demand male nannies. He was overheard humming a song he had written by Katie, aged six, who persuaded him to form a band. Josh, eight, boldly proclaimed: “You’re probably my second favourite artist after Katy Perry.” And so, Ed formed a band, and it was only fitting to land on CHILDCARE for the band name.

CHILDCARE are Ed Cares (vocals) Emma Topolski (bass), Rich Legate (guitar) and Glyn Daniels (drums)

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The Dirty Nil – “Caroline” (Dundas, Ontario, Canada)

RIYL: Band of Skulls, Highly Suspect, Single Mothers

It’s no wonder The Dirty Nil won a Juno Award as their newest track, “Caroline”, blows our minds. There is so much power and attitude coming from this trio.

“Caroline” is an in your face rock track that seriously begs a fist pump or head bang. At first the track teases us with a laid back tempo yet it later erupts into an all out wailer. As the song progresses, the space between the timing of the guitars and percussion creates a sublime result and has us wanting to hear more.

The song is from their new album, Minimum R&B, which is comprised of eleven tracks from band’s back catalogue. The album will include one unreleased track, a combination of 7”, and and their EP Smite – all of which were released and recorded between 2010 and 2016. Minimum R&B will be out April 28th via Dine Alone Records (worldwide) and Fat Wreck Chords (USA).

The Dirty Nil are Luke Bentham (guitar/vocals), Kyle Fisher (drums), and Ross Miller (bass/vocals).

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Givers & Takers – “Weeps in Waves” (Los Angeles, CA)

RIYL: The Amazing, Fleet Foxes, Local Natives

Givers & Takers have released another stellar single. Ever since we premiered their video for “Let It Surface”, we have kept our eye on this talented LA based band. With soaring harmonies similar to Local Natives yet a surreal psych vibe layered in, their sound is one you won’t soon forget.

“Weeps In Waves” takes us on a journey about the reality of how we process grief and loss with lyrics that include “Pain on pain, the world, it weeps in waves”. Sonically it’s beautifully optimistic yet we are reminded that life based in reality includes pain, loss and sometimes suffering. The song was actually inspired by the events in Paris. Even though it’s a dark subject, it is hopeful as even out of tragedy and pain, love can emerge brighter than ever.

Givers & Takers are Zack Greenwald, Alan Krespan, Drew Bruchs, and Mark Pollack.

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SPACEFACE – “In The Clouds” (Memphis, USA)

RIYL: POND, Temples, Morgan Delt

We have another single release “In The Clouds” by SPACEFACE (the new project of The Flaming Lips’ Jake Ingalls). It’s the third full track released off of their upcoming album. The track is dreamy, psych-inspired with delicious harmonies that will get us in the mood for upcoming feel good summer nights.

The track floats in and out of dreamy pop-rock with a 60s influenced edge and has us feeling super relaxed. So far we are really excited to hear the upcoming album in full.

Spaceface’s debut full-length, Sun Kids, features collaborations with Mikaela Davis and Julien Baker among others and will be fully released this Friday April 21, 2017.

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VILDE – “Maintain” (Stockholm, Sweden via Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: TV On the Radio, Tim Hecker, Wild Beasts

VILDE is the project of  Australian born Thomas Savage. He now calls Sweden home. With his newest release “Maintain”, we hear Mr. Savage’s unique vocals neatly layered over hypnotic beats that VILDE considers to be “Study Dance”. It’s a fitting description for his sound as we have smart lyrics and serious tones set against completely danceable beats.

If you are a fan of Alt-J, you will probably dig VILDE’s vocal tone. VILDE has slowly been releasing singles that will soon compile his upcoming album release. Mr. Savage shares a bit about the track: “The subject matter of the song is somewhat of a crammed amalgamation of ideas. Part inspired by the film ‘Ace in the Hole’, where a news reporter begins to twist events in a dark way to gain fame through his portrayal of the story. There’s some pretty bleak imagery in the lyrics, yet bits of optimism seep through too, provoking a sense of solitude, release & calm.” 

Keep an eye out for more from VILDE. Mr. Savage is definitely one to watch.

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