For nearly two years, we’ve been predicting the potential breakout of Anteros. Their rise has been steady, and it mirrors the incremental climb of Sundara Karma – the Reading quintet who last year finally joined the UK elite after five years of releasing anthemic indie pop-rock. Eventually, Anteros will receive the recognition they deserve, and it starts with their new EP, Drunk.

The four-track record represents everything we’ve come to love about the London-based four-piece. It is fun, boisterous, and clever, sounding more like an endless and energetic house-party album than a 13-minute EP. The title track is disco-rock euphoria packaged in just over three minutes. Like guzzling a six-pack of your favorite ale, the song describes the intoxicating effects of love. It makes us lose control of our senses, say things we normally wouldn’t, and completely takes over every aspect of our lives. “I’m so drunk and in love with you. And do all the crazy things that I shouldn’t do.” These two lyrics say it all, and we all know exactly what frontwoman Laura Hayden is saying.

Whereas “Drunk” is an amusing number, “On the Moon” is a dazzling, early ’90s-inspired track. In not so subtle ways, Hayden tells a lover that he should take off if he isn’t committed to their relationship. Her lyrics are honest and biting with the best lines being:

Is it cold on your planet?
Am I just a regret?
So my rocket has landed,
You’re my best that I can guess.
I don’t want to be lost, but I don’t want to be found

“Cherry Drop” amps up the intensity and the fun meter. Seventies funk has been infused into Anteros’ blistering indie pop-rock sound, resulting in a song that can only be described as off-the-hook. This number is meant for moving, dancing, possibly incessantly spinning, or kicking up your feet to the buzzing keys and searing guitars.

The EP ends on a more somber note with “High, Goodbye”. This lovely track echoes the soaring power ballads of the ’80s and ’90s. While it still rocks on the edges, Hayden’s soothing vocals take the song to near euphoric levels. Her songwriting is once again terrific, as she offers a story that is simultaneously heartbreaking yet optimist. It’s just another example of the talent of this terrific little band, who not only can rock out with the best UK’s bands but also create memorable songs that sound like the classics of the past. Soon enough, the rest of the world will discover what a select few already know – Anteros are on the verge of something special, and Drunk will have you thirsting for more.

The EP is out now via Distiller Records. Click here for streaming and purchasing options.

Anteros are Laura Hayden (vocals), Joshua Rumble (bass), Charles Monneraud (guitar), and Harry Balazs (drums).

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