There are two things we have to come to learn about Brooklyn/Queens collective Gentleman Brawlers. First, frontwoman Becca Fox loves to dance. In the band’s video “My Theory”, which we premiered eleven months ago, we watch her and her friends dancing in a New York City apartment and on the rooftop. Second, this is a band that will not abide by the AC/DC rule and be relegated to a single genre and approach. Instead, they are following Dev Hynes’ (a.k.a. Blood Orange) manuscript, extending themselves as far as possible musically and, thus, creating songs that are thrilling on the senses.

Their newest single, “Can’t Always”, is an example of their persistent experimentation. Mixing the trip hop popularized by Massive Attack with funk and soul grooves, “Can’t Always” is mesmerizing. It is bleak, haunting, and cinematic, demonstrating the tremendous growth of this band. Similarly, the video is immensely captivating. It is simple in its conception, but masterful in its delivery, as it seems like Fox is floating effortlessly in space. The layers of her dress and her fluid lines add further complexity to the video’s contours. As such, your eyes will be completely transfixed on her elegant figure.

View the video below in this exclusive premiere. The audio version is also below.

Gentleman Brawlers are Becca Fox (vocals), Jim Thomson (guitar/vocals), Matt “CK” Walsh (guitar/vocals), Trevor Brown (bass), and Ben Charnley (drums).

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