Songwriters write songs. Filmmakers make films. Being both a songwriter and filmmaker, Mark Blacknell fuses visual with audio in his forthcoming single, “The Marching Parade”, which we are delighted to premiere it here today.

With over 15 years as a musician, Mark’s eclectic personal history as a war veteran and conservationist informs his style. From the marching rhythm of snares though country-infused steel guitar to R&B harmonies, the track is built on imagery. Acrobats, teenage girls, ageing stars, and desperate people all inhabit the dystopian marching parade, embodying aspects of society and characterizing issues for commentary. With layers to explore and metaphors to interpret, this is clever storytelling, offering stimulus without conclusion. Make of it what you will, or just enjoy the music. Because, whatever the depth of purpose to the lyrics, this is a mighty fine tune, too.

Whether through shyness or mystery, Florida-based Blacknell’s social media is short on biography and news. But having travelled across to London for a series of gigs earlier this year, there’s every chance that more live performances will occur through 2017. Keep your eye on his Facebook page for details. Meanwhile, his album When Rain Was Fun is scheduled for release on May 9th, and you can be among the first to hear “The Marching Band” through the audio link below. The video is also available if you would like to see Blacknell’s filmmaking skills in action.

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