Chemistry. It’s more than just a science, especially when discussing the indescribable bond between two people. It often happens suddenly when two strangers meet, as a connection joins them quickly like a strike of lightning. Such encounters require a great deal of good fortune and luck, but when they occur something brilliant blossoms.

For Jesse Flamand and Jeremy Rompala, their bond was formed two years ago when the two were merely teenagers. Taking advantage of the plethora of open mic nights across New York City, the two would often meet at the same venues and watch the other perform solo. Their admiration for each other’s work resulted in the two forming a partnership aptly known as Thoughtdream, and today we are pleased to premiere the duo’s fourth single, “Colette”.

“Colette”, in a word, is spellbinding. It exemplifies how two people can transform indie folk into something that is beautifully foreboding yet dazzlingly enticing. Flamand’s and Rompala’s vocals terrifically juxtapose against one another to highlight both the beauty and pain in the protagonist’s life, as he recalls the time he spent with Colette. The subtle instrumentation, meanwhile, is perfectly stark yet mystical, thus accentuating the drama in the story. This isn’t just a song, but it is gripping cinema.

Luck. Chance. Good fortune. Fate. Whatever it is called or by whatever force, we just might be witnessing the rise of the next great duo. Maybe one day we’ll be mentioning Thoughtdream alongside June Carter and Johnny Cash, Sonny and Cher, and Simon & Garfunkel. “Colette” offers just a hint of Flamand and Rompala’s potential.

Hear the song in its entirety below. Thoughtdream will be performing at Rockwood Music Hall tonight (Friday, April 28th) to release the song for all to hear.

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