The Matinee May 1st includes 6 new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have lots of upbeat tunes to get your Monday moving. We hope you have an amazing start to your new month of May. We have artists representing Norway, The US and The UK today.

Frills – “My Love” (Brooklyn, USA)


We don’t know a whole lot about Frills, yet we do know it is the project of Gibson Daniel and Simon Oz who are based out of Brooklyn.

“My Love” is the debut single and it’s quite an impressive showing of indie-pop gold. We have addicting harmonies and reflective lyrics regarding a past relationship that could have probably gone quite a bit better.

Even though the lyrical subject matter isn’t super upbeat and cheery, we do get a definite feel good vibe with “My Love”.  We definitely want to add this track to our upcoming laid back summer playlists. We are also intrigued to hear more from FRILLS.

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FRND – “Be Happy” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: RKCB, Royal Tongues, Strange Talk

We have a new track from the mysterious artist FRND. We still don’t know a whole lot about FRND (although we have a hunch who FRND is). We are continually impressed with each new release.

With “Be Happy” we have a track that starts a bit more laid back with an acoustic feel and then slickly weaves in FRND’s signature electronic elements that get us moving. With “Be Happy” the track chronicles the loss of a relationship that still hurts. In the end, as the lyrics state: It’s taken everything inside my bones / To say these words / Even if it’s not with me / I just want you to be happy.

It’s always hard when you know that person is with someone else yet if you can analyze the past and learn from what went wrong in the relationship, it can help you in the future. Sometimes past relationships are just learning experiences for the next right one. There is also a super cool video for “Be Happy”. You can check it out right here:

“Be Happy” is available now on Crooked Paintings.

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The Lightning Year – “The Needle” (London, England)

RIYL: Two Door Cinema Club, The Naked and Famous, My Chemical Romance

The Lightning Year are a psych inspired band out of London. We previously shared “Endless Memory”  a bit ago, and we are now excited to share their newest release, “The Needle”. We have a sublime track that combines psych tendencies along with early 90s era new wave greats.

We also love the premise behind the track. The band shares that “The Needle” “catalogues the joys of dropping the needle on the record and banishing the beasts, demons and woes of every day bedsit life”

The Lightning Year is comprised of Matt, Sam, Nics, Orlando and Joe.

The single is out on Supernatural Recordings.

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Little Grim – “Hoodie” (London, England)

RIYL: Cold War Kids, The Walkmen, Arctic Monkeys

We are in love with the newest from Little Grim. The London-based band is marrying daring indie rock with commanding vocals that you won’t soon forget. We have all been there at some point with a past relationship, where there is your ex wearing one of your personal effects. “Hoodie” can be added to your list of awesome breakup songs.

Directly from the band, “Hoodie” focuses itself around the recklessness of a person who is indecisive, who can never know what they want. The track is bound up in the painful memory of seeing an ex-girlfriend wearing your old hoodie.”

This is the 3rd single from Little Grim is out now via Scruff of the Neck.

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Lovespeake – “Novocaine” (feat. Max Frost) (Sandvika, Norway)

RIYL: Chain Wallet, Comet Kid, Coucheron

“Novocaine” is a new track by Lovespeake. We have a disco inspired track that takes us to dreamy heights with the help from Austin’s Max Frost.

We can’t help but want to move after listening to “Novocaine”. The track inspires a state of euphoria, just like when you are in the beginnings of a brand new relationship. We hear groovy beats, a soaring chorus and an R&B influence that grabs your attention and won’t let go.

We also have encouraging lyrics with “Novocaine” that stick with us and include “Won’t you let me lean on you” and “We can touch the sky – in the velvet blue”.

“Novocaine” is now available via Toothfairy.

Lovespeake are Alexander Pavelich, Andrew Murray, Stian Aasen, Christian Balvig, Teodor Dysthe Lyngstad, and Martin Kaasa.

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Suntrodden – “Pure” (Atlanta, USA)

RIYL: Elliott Smith, Beach House, Belle & Sebastian

“Pure” is the newest from Suntrodden and it’s a beautiful and dreamy track where we just want to keep hitting repeat. The track is simple yet sublime and we can’t get enough. Suntrodden is the project of songwriter Erik Stephansson.

“Pure” includes Mr. Stephansson’s lovely vocals set against dreamy guitar and keys. Suntrodden shares a bit about the motivation behind the track:  “In the digital age, our pursuit of perfection means erasing the blemishes that make us unique and interesting.  And, while we manipulate perceptions, the daily struggles that actually define our character and values get edited from the story.  “Pure” is about coming to terms with the person you’re stuck with when the cameras are off.”

“Pure” is the newest single from Suntrodden’s upcoming third album which will be released June 30th.

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