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JAWS Sink Their Teeth Into Scala, London (photo essay)


A venue full of teens and a load of inflatables made for a buzzing atmosphere at Scala in London last Wednesday as JAWS had the crowd bouncing. Wonderfully warmed up by support acts Social Contract and Kagoule, the passionate fans of JAWS were singing along to every song being pumped through the PA system as the sound crew set up.

Over excited crowd at Scala

As soon as the band walked out with arms full of inflatables for the crowd, the place erupted. Crowd surfing and moshing all over the shop!
It was a busy night for the security as they were up and down the photo pit dragging guys from on top of the crowd and sending them back out only for them to fly back over again.

Opening with the first song on their album Simplicity, “Just a Boy” was a gentle introduction to the indie band from Birmingham, but it got the crowd built up for what was to come.

Front man Connor Schofield

JAWS’ music is very easy listening, but it doesn’t give the crowd time to relax. You need to be on your toes for when the songs require you to bounce around the room like a drunk teenager.

Front man Connor Schofield took a moment to ask the crowd “Who bought our album Simplicity?”, which brought on a giant roar from the fans. “And who paid for it?” turned the cheers into laughter.

A two song encore finished with “Gold”, a catchy song from their first album that had the fans singing along right until the very end of the night.

You can catch JAWS next in Oxfordshire, at Truck Festival in July. Simplicity is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

A crowd surfer heads towards the stage

Just A Boy
Stay In
Work It Out
A Brief Escape
Surround You
Invisible Sleep
Be Slowly
Right In Front Of Me

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  1. …… Not forgetting The Mighty Lemon Drops

  2. Would like to add that it wasn’t just filled with teenagers, there was a handful of ‘oldies’ there too, I was one! I appreciate good music & JAWS are very, very good! I detect influences from 80’s bands The Smiths, New Order & Joy Division & 90’s bands such as Oasis & The Stone Roses. JAWS played a fantastic tight set & I will be following their progress with interest. I really hope they make it!

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