Highly rated indie-rock band False Heads tore up Camden Assembly on Saturday night, as they headlined a busy night in the Camden venue. At times it was hard to see what was going on in the badly lit room, but there was plenty of action on the stage from vocalist Luke Griffiths who barely stood still for more than a couple seconds!

False Heads’ Luke Griffiths

Opening with “Twentynothing”, the first song from their EP Gutter Press, an aggressive sounding song with an extremely catchy chorus to it. The crowd were bouncing along to it, and that didn’t stop through the whole set. The guitars are loud and the drumming is heavy! False Heads could easily be pleasing crowds in much bigger venues than this one very soon.

False Heads

As the last song “Wrap Up” began, so did the carnage as support acts Breed and Audiomoan unexpectedly stormed the stage and joined the band in what looked like an onstage mosh pit. Speakers, mic stands, guitars, drinks and band members went everywhere. Certainly one of the most memorable endings to a gig I’ve seen in quite a while.

False Heads are lined up to play at a few festivals over the next few months, all the information you need can be found here.

Stage invasion!

Gutter Press is out now and can be purchased via their website, or iTunes

Thick Skin
Whatever You Please
Fall Around
Weigh In
Wrap Up

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