Every country has a band to call their own, where every single and album is fully embraced by the locals and every show is sold out. The fandom spans generations, as grandparents are attending gigs with their kids and grandchildren. In Canada, The Tragically Hip are that band. In Australia, The Jezabels and Cold Chisel would don the crowns. In New Zealand, the title belongs to Fly My Pretties.

A part of Fly My Pretties’ success is that they are truly a collective with a revolving rotation of 50 artists on its roster. Each brings their own unique approach to the project, but together they turn an idea into a shared exploration of sound. One of the songs that highlights Fly My Pretties’ inclusive approach and collective brilliance is “Closer”.

The song was written by Wellington-based, singer-songwriter Moana Ete, who is better known in these parts as A Girl Named Mo. “Closer” is a tight, R&B-infused track that was recalls the sensual nature of the genre in the ’80s. It is sexy and smooth, and when heard live it is even more tantalizing. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering exactly this – a live video performance of “Closer”, which you can view below. As you listen to the song, there are references that only Kiwis may recognize, but outsiders who have yet to visit New Zealand may be enticed to come visit. As Ms. Ete shares about the song:

“Closer” is about living in Wellington. There is often talk about our crappy weather but for me the cold has always been a good part about living here. The cold is good because it brings us closer together and I carry that. In regards to ‘String Theory’, it’s touching on ideas of being one. Together. Not afraid to get closer to one another. Musically this song pays homage to the artists I grew up listening to in the 80’s and 90’s. Anita Baker, Sade, Luther Vandross, Lauryn Hill, SWV, TLC.


The song is one of eighteen (18) songs on Fly My Pretties’ latest album, String Theory (The Complete Show). The LP is a collection of live recordings taken from the band’s August 2016 tour, specifically during their stops in Auckland and Wellington. The video is below as is the audio version. If you like what you hear, this special LP can be purchased on Bandcamp today.

Alternatively, the band’s latest album, String Theory, is available via Loop Recordings. Here is the short link to the platforms to buy or stream the LP.

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