The Matinee May 22nd includes 6 new tracks for your listening pleasure we have myriad of different sounds that will quench anyone’s appetite for impressive new music. Genres range from synthpop and indie rock. Artists represented today span Canada, The US and The UK.

Adaline – “How Could We Know” (Toronto, Canada)

RIYL: Broods, Phantogram, Oh Wonder

“How Could We Know”  is a beautiful track that gets you moving. With Adaline’s angelic vocals set against reverberating synth, we are immediately drawn in from the start. The lyrics speak to a love that has begun at the wrong time and the lyrics plead:  “Stay – tie your heart to my hand, so you’ll never let go”.

Adaline shares a bit about the track: “How Could We Know is all about bad timing”, shares Adaline. “It is about that sad realization when you’ve fallen in love in the most inopportune moment and think, if only this was a different place/different time.”

“How Could We Know” is from Adaline’s forthcoming new album, Aquatic, which is due June 2nd.

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Charles Fauna – “Abandon” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Paideia, M83, Tycho

Charles Fauna has just released “Abandon” and it’s dreamy synth pop gold. With a dance able beat we hear Charles’ soothing vocals as he contemplates the constant evolution within himself. Charles Fauna is a song-writer and producer. When he’s not lending himself to remixes or guest vocals (Glassio’s “Morning House”) he is releasing his own material.

“Abandon” is euphoric and lovely. Mr. Fuana shares a bit about the track: “I wrote this song to prove to myself that you don’t have to pick a comfortable role and embody it for the rest of your life,” Charles says of “Abandon.”  “If you abandon what you know then all that remains is what you don’t, and a world of limitless new beginnings.”

“Abandon” is out now on iTunes through Sleep Well Records.

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Francobello – “Worried Times” (London, England via Sweden)

RIYL: The Districts, Plants and Animals, Matt Costa

We shared the awesomeness of Francobollo last fall when they were about to release their EP, Wonderful. We now have “Worried Times” which starts off as a psych induced rocker (Reminds a bit of White Denim here) and roars into a bit of a punk inspired number with wailing guitars and a burst of emotions as the tempo goes from minimal to explosive in a matter of seconds.

Francobollo continue to impress us with their continued talent of combining sweet melodies that quickly become submerged in a wave of cathartic reverb. We are intrigued to hear more from the quartet as they continue to expand their sound with each new release.

“Worried Times” is from Francobollo’s debut album, Long Live Life,which is out July 14th via Square Leg Records.

The band is comprised of Sean Bean, Simon Nilsson, Petter Grevelius, and Sven Bailey.

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Jaymes Young – “Don’t You Know” (Seattle, USA)

RIYL: James Blake, Active Child, David Guetta

Jaymes Young already has millions of streams from his numerous online viral tracks, most notably the 2015 hit “We Won’t” featuring Phoebe Ryan. His newest release “Don’t You Know” is a great track filled with reverberating synth, pounding bass and Mr. Young’s warm vocals pleading for his current love. The 80s inspired synth make this track completely dance worthy as he proclaims “Don’t you know that i want you so bad, I’d do anything to love you”.

Mr Young was signed to Atlantic Records in 2013 and his debut EP, Dark Star, released that year and he is now working on his debut album which will be out later this year after releasing a string of successful singles and two EPs.

Young’s new album, Feel Something, is out June 23rd via the Please Rewind imprint of Atlantic Records. Pre-orders are available from the label and iTunes.

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RINSE – “Still Wouldn’t Call” (Stoke on Trent, England)

RIYL: Oasis, The Verve, The Horrors

RINSE are an indie rock band from England that keep putting out solid and melodic indie rock tracks that you can’t get enough of. With “Still Wouldn’t Call”, we hear 90s influences mixed with psych tinged shoegaze goodness. The track has an addicting chorus courtesy of frontman Josh Hollingworth and the perfect guitar, bass and percussion that provides that dreamy atmospheric sound that we instantly love.

“Still Wouldn’t Call” is out now on iTunes.

RINSE are Josh Hollingworth, Rich Hewitt, Josh Hassall, and Ollie McNicholas.

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Violet Sands – “Hands” (Brooklyn USA)

RIYL: Fleetwood Mac, Berlin, Work Drugs

Violet Sands just keep impressing us with each new release and it’s no surprise since the trio is somewhat of a supergroup featuring Deidre Muro of Deidre & the Dark, David Perlick-Molinari of French Horn Rebellion, and Derek Muro of Love Like Deloreans and Mighty Five.

With “Hands” we have a funky synth inspired track with Deidre’s airy vocals that float across a myriad of genres and soundscapes. Deidre shares a bit about the track: “It celebrates the grey areas, and how most things in reality are not only black or white, understanding that is really important in times like ours. The spectrum is actually very beautiful when you allow yourself to see it.”

“Hands” is off of Violet Sands’ upcoming debut album Hotel which will be released June 30th via YouTooCanWoo Records.

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