It wasn’t long ago when a popular music site anointed Norway as the new center of indie-pop innovation (and we would agree). The Nordic country is also home to some of the most creative rock music on the planet. By rock, we mean the breadth of the vast  – metal, doom, garage, indie, and on and on. In some cases, you encounter a band that is merging multiple sub-genres, such as Burning Motherfuckers.

This group, though, isn’t a massive collective of musicians. They’re just two guys. Thomas Eggum plays bass, and his voice is akin to Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Moonface). His partner-in-crime is Øystein Monsen, the master of drums, synth, and the drummachine as well as providing vocals. At the beginning of April, the young duo released their debut album, This Century, which can best be described as indie-doom-garage rock. Think Wolf Parade meets Wolf People meets P.S. I Love You. From the LP, is “‘Rolling on the Sound of Silence”, which best represents their unique sound. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering the video for the song.

Like Eggum and Monsen, the video is a little bizarre, but unexpectedly interesting. The VHS-quality video feels right out an ’80s and ’90s horror film, and some scenes could have been on The Blair Witch Project. There are, however, some amusing moments, like Eggum’s expression when he enters the barn. Watch this little gem below. The audio version is also provided should that be your preference.

Burning Motherfuckers’ new album, This Century, is out now. Check out their Bandcamp page to get it. Their website also has other streaming and purchasing options.

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