A year ago, rising Canadian indie-pop duo Imaginary Cities announced they were taking a hiatus. For how long the break will last is unknown, but this doesn’t mean the band members have completely separated themselves from making new music. In November of 2016, Marti Sarbit released her debut, solo EP under the moniker Lanikai, which had critics applauding its retro-inspired, alt-pop vibe. If you missed the EP, here’s another chance to get a peek at what you missed.

Today, Sarbit shares the animated video for “Motor Inn”, which you can view below in this premiere. The video is a trip through psychedelia – from the pastel colours to the whirling images that quickly pass through each frame. Its images and vibrancy perfectly reflect its central theme of one’s internal struggles. The lyrics are vividly stunning, as the Motor Inn represents the final stop to regain one’s sanity. As Sarbit sings:

Just when you think you’ve hit the bottom,
It slides from under, and you keep on falling.
You fall apart and you call for help.
You’re real high, and you’re by yourself.
The sun is setting.
We’ve got a room at the Motor Inn.

The Winnipeg-based singer-songwriter shares more about the song:

“Motor Inn was the first song I recorded with my friend and producer Thomas D’Arcy. It kind of set the tone for the direction we wanted to take with the rest of the songs. The lyrics are about what it’s like to feel your head spinning, you’re losing control of a situation, and really just need to remove yourself to gain some clarity. I also make a stupid/fun reference to Hunter S. Thompson’s funeral in the bridge.”

Lanikai’s self-titled, debut EP is out now via Hidden Pony. In addition to the video, the audio version of the song is included.

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