The Matinee May 26th kicks off the long weekend with nine amazing new music singles. Most of these songs will get you up (and possibly off) your feet, but there are a couple of songs that will have you contemplating your existence.

Black Sonic Revolver – “So Many Ways” (Manchester, England)

RIYL: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Bass Drum of Death, Night Beats

How is it possible that we are only hearing about Black Sonic Revolver? The veteran Brit rockers will release their third album, Different!, this summer, yet they remain one of the UK’s best kept secrets. That might change soon, as more people discover this band that deserves to be recognized as the heir apparent to the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Their newest single, “So Many Ways”, is right out of the BJM catalogue. It’s an old-school, fiery psychedelic tune that aims to blow you away with searing guitar work, a pounding bass line, and a hammering drum line. There’s not much haze in this one – just an unrelenting sound and attitude that will go straight to your head. And don’t fall asleep on the lyrics because this is an anthem for everyone who is or has felt lost. It is a song for the everyday person who is trying to find their way through the chaos.

Black Sonic Revolver are Leon James Kenny, Dave Smith, Ryan Vernon, and Joe Hall.

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Cheerleader – “Feel Like That” (Philadelphia, USA)

RIYL: COIN, Knox Hamilton, Mainland

Cheerleader have a new track titled, “Feel Like That”. Well sort of. More accurately, it’s a newly recorded track, but if you’ve seen them live the past two years you’ve probably already heard it. “Feel Like That”  immediately puts us in a good vibes mood with breezy guitar licks, upbeat chorus and killer vocals. Lyrically the track speaks to an uncertainty regarding relationships with others.

The song is definitely one that needs to be added to your upbeat summer playlists ASAP. To do that, pick it up at Bright Antenna Records. According to Cheeleader’s Facebook page, they are currently working on a new album.

Cheerleader are Joe Haller, Chris Duran, Paul Impellizeri, Josh Pannepacker, and Carl Bahner.

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CIEL – “Awake” (Netherlands)

RIYL:  Blonde Redhead, Deerhunter, Fever Ray

Ciel [pronunciation: sjɛl], which means “sky”, is the moniker of Dutch artist Michelle Hindriks. Earlier this week, she shared her latest single, “Awake”. The song is enchanting, as Ms. Hindriks’ dreamy vocals float effortlessly while shoegaze guitar licks and new wave-inspired synth surround her voice..

With the song feeling a bit mysterious, it is fitting that CIEL are also a bit unknown. Their social media presence is limited to Facebook only, and details about the band are scant. One way to get to know them is to watch the video of the new track here.

“Awake” if off of CIEL’s upcoming EP, Anxiety. It will be released on Geertruida and Tree Machine Records later this summer.



Estrons – “Strobe Lights” (Cardiff Wales)

RIYL: False Advertising, Black Honey, Babeheaven

We feel a little sheepish right now since one of our favourite bands – Estrons – released a new single four weeks ago, and we failed to immediately pick it up. Well, better late than never. And making us feel better is that “Strobe Lights” is a firecracker. Check that, this post-punk song is a full assault of fireworks exploding on New Year’s Eve.

Taliesyn Källström wail is piercing, hollering with the ferocity of Karen O as she screams out to anyone listening of her imprisonment. The guitars, meanwhile, are fierce, and the rhythms parade like an infantry charging the first front. This is a song meant for battle and stirring up the adrenaline. Or maybe we’ll restrict ourselves to the clubs and our homes and just rock hard like there’s no tomorrow. As Källström instructs, we’ll going to lose our minds.

The single is out now on Gofod Records. Estrons are Taliesyn Källström, Hugh Parry, James Keeley, and Rhodri Daniel.

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Hundred Waters – “Currency” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Braids, Jay Some, POLIÇA

Hundred Waters quietly released a new EP titled Currency and we are sharing the title track. The band describes that the “five songs that came out of a search for worth, vulnerability, power and identity”. 

Hundred Waters have a knack for drawing us in with Ms. Miglis’s sweet yet strong vocals, addicting beats and thought provoking lyrics. With Currency we hear “time’s the only currency/sadness is an ocean/you build up in your mind/a moat of moping/a river of rain/collected in your spine”.  The parting lyric is describing a relationship that is less than stellar: “if loving you is to pay a toll/then love is capital”

Hundred Waters are Nicole Miglis, Trayer Tryon and Zach Tetreault.

Hundred Waters’ new EP, Currency, is available now.

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LOVEBUZZ – “What We Lose” (London, England)

RIYL: My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Big Deal

At the end of last summer, English indie-rock band Big Deal – one of our collective favorites – announced they were breaking up. The announcement caught fans completely off guard, especially since Alice Costello and Kacey Underwood had just released a superb album in Say Yes. But like many things that come to an end, new life blossoms. This week, Underwood announced the launch of his new project, LOVEBUZZ, which features Heather Eaton.

The duo have released three singles, which are still in the demo process. One of the songs is “What We Lose”, which sounds superb. The track retains the blistering and edgy indie rock of Big Deal. However, large splashes of My Bloody Valentine-era shoegaze cascade throughout the track. The crystalline guitar is orgasmic, and the dual harmonies of Underwood and Eaton move from searing to enticing. “What We Lose”, however, is predominantly has Underwood as the central feature, as he shares his soul with the world. Regret, gratitude, disappointment, and hope can be heard in his emotional vocals. Whether this is one last thank you to Big Deal is unknown, but there’s no question that Underwood’s former band and his long-time musical partner still exist inside him. This should mean even more fantastic music to come.

The other two songs, “Wild Sheep” and “Easy Target”, are available on SoundCloud. If we could, we would share all three.

EDIT: LOVEBUZZ have since uploaded mastered versions of the songs.

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Marika Hackman – “Cigarette” (London, England)

RIYL: Joni Mitchell, Sharon Van Etten, Julien Baker

Through her first two singles she’s released in support of her new album, I’m Not Your Man, Marika Hackman showcased an edgier, more assertive approach. Her move towards jangle-pop and an  and power-punk-pop is exciting and demonstrated her vast talents. For her newest single, she reveals another side to her complexity.

“Cigarette” is akin to the stunning folk-rock ballads that Joni Mitchell once wrote in the ’70s. It is intimate, stunning, and absolutely beautiful. The song features just Hackman and her acoustic guitar, as she reveals a personal story of mistrust and lost of innocence. Her songwriting is immaculately pensive, sending you into deep inside your own psyche and recalling a time where one was similarly lost. After her remarkable debut album and now three songs into her sophomore album, there is only one question left to ask, “Is there anything Ms. Hackman cannot do?”

I’m Not Your Man will be released June 2nd via the fine folks at Sub Pop. Pre-orders are available here.

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Oh Wonder – “Heavy” (London, England)

RIYL: Banks, Broods, The Japanese House

We’ve finally been hearing new tracks from London duo Oh Wonder after they released their self-titled debut in 2015. “Heavy” is the newest single from their forthcoming album, and it’s a chilled out vibey track.

We are always enchanted by the dual vocals of Anthony and Josephine. The accompanying beats and piano are enthralling. Lyrically, the duo describe a budding, electric relationship but there is still uncertainty in the couple’s future. The lyrics hint to that hope that the it could one day be exclusive.

There’s magic in the way you move.
Stop the world it’s only you.
Oh my heart is aching.
Cause I could be your one and only.

Oh Wonder are Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht The single is out now via Island Records UK, and their forthcoming, new album, Ultralife, is out July 14th.

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Psymon Spine – “Lines and Lines and Lines End” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

We’re always clamoring to hear something bold and inventive. A band who releases music that screams, “Listen to me!” Boy did we find such a group who are making our ears pop, our eyes bug out, and our mind explode with excitement. Meet Psymon Spine, who are a Brooklyn-based band that was started by Peter Spears and Noah Prebish of electronic group Karate. The two actually started writing songs together beginning in 2013, but they are now finally making the project reality. This week, they shared their latest single, “Lines and Lines and Lines End”.

This song is amazing. It bursts with the energy and multi-instrumental indie-rock creativity of Broken Social Scene and Funeral-era Arcade Fire. Yet there’s a summery, folksy element that recalls Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in their prime. This song, as such, will get you up and jumping, dancing, clapping, and just losing your sh*t. It is euphoria encapsulated in just under six minutes and one of the most impressive songs we’ve come across this year.

Their debut album, You Are Coming to My Birthday, will be released on June 9th via Axis Mundi Records.

In addition to Spears and Prebish, Psymon Spine are Devin Kilburn, Nathaniel Coffey, and Michael Rudinski.

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