In the classic party movie, Animal House, the Delta Tau Chi fraternity is on double secret probation (whatever that is) because its members violated every Faber College rule and are flunking their courses. Instead of investing their time to studying, they decide to host a toga party, which is one of the great moments in film history. (John Belushi in toga is classic!) The scene also gave The Isley Brothers’ classic, “Shout”, another life nearly twenty years after its release, and to this day fraternities still spin the song at their “gatherings”.

Now if these exclusive organizations are searching for another tune to celebrate the end of another academic year or if you’re just an ordinary person seeking some summertime fare, look no further than “Coca Cola”, the spirited new single by, you guessed it, Animal House. The song was originally released three weeks ago, and today they share the DIY music video, which we are pleased (and amused) to share today.

The video could be considered to be the street version of the (in)famous toga party. Along with two of their friends – Cristina Mackerron and Chess Dillon-Reams of The Hiccup Project – Animal House bring the party to the streets and gardens of Brighton, England. In alleys, in front of murals, and on park benches, the group perform a variety of dance moves. And how could one not want to get up and dance to this tune? It’s fun, catchy, and infectious. The garage-pop vibe is bombastic and energetic, and the lyrics are amusing, offering a parody on many of the summer songs of the past and present. It’s not alcohol, drugs, money, or women who get us excited. Nope, the answer to our ails is the popular fizzy beverage that comes in a red and white can and who made drinking polar bears staples of the Christmas season. As the band repeats:

With Coca Cola we know how to party.
With Coca Cola we know how to sing.

The video for the song is below. As usual, the audio file is also provided if that’s your preferred option. Regardless of your choice, don’t be surprised to find yourself in a jubilant mood. Who says you need caffeine to wake you up on a Monday when you have Animal House blasting from your speakers? Now all we need to do is find some white sheets to make togas.

Animal House are four dudes originally from Brisbane, and they now call Brighton home.

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