The Matinee June 12th includes six new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have a mix of upbeat, dreamy synth pop and awesome indie rock. The artists today are all from the U.S., which doesn’t happen too often. We hope you find your new favorite song or band today.

Cosmos & Creature – “Bad Drug” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Brandyn Burnette, FRND, Molly Moore

Cosmos & Creature are Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore. They have been creating upbeat synth pop together that you can’t help but move to.

With “Bad Drug,” the duo share a song that describes a relationship which is super addictive, much like a bad drug. You can’t help but go back for more even though it might not the best idea. Lyrics explain: “You got me good like a bad drug / you hit me hard with your bad love.”

“Bad Drug” is the second single from the duo who have also collaborated with other artists, including Kiso, Two Friends and Vicetone. Their debut single, “Young,” has racked up millions of streams, and so far “Bad Drug” is following the same trend with over 200K plays on Spotify in just a couple of days. It’s available now via PRMD Music on iTunes.

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flor – “Where do you go” (Los Angeles via Hood River, OR, USA)

RIYL: COIN, Hunter Hunted, XY&O

flor – one of the SXSW bands that impressed us back in March – released their debut album, come out. you’re hiding, last month. “Where do you go” has sublime harmonies, a mix of addicting guitar riffs, and smooth synths. The vocals of Zach are quite mesmerizing, and their entire album is awesome dreamy indie pop that you can definitely add to any upbeat playlist.

The video is below in case you don’t have SC Go. The track contemplates the mysteries of a beautiful woman who enjoys guarded isolation and floating in and out of people’s lives. The intrigue of this particular person is magnetic, and the singer begs the question, “Oh will you show me what it is that makes you so extraordinarily beautiful?”

You can get the album (out now via Fueled By Ramen) here.

flor is: Zach Grace, Dylan William, McKinley Kitts, and Kyle Hill.

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MUTEMATH – “Hit Parade” (New Orleans, USA)

RIYL: MUTEMATH, twenty one pilots, Muse meets BNQT

New Orleans-based indie pop-rockers MUTEMATH released their new single, “Hit Parade,” last week, proving that after 15 years together, they can still impress with each new release.

“Hit Parade” is impressive and everything a MUTEMATH fan would want to hear. It’s a culmination of past albums (Vitals, Odd Soul) while still being progressive and new. “Hit Parade” takes you on a trip that includes the experimental elements that make MUTEMATH so awesome. The track is brilliant, with vibrant (and vintage) psychedelic tones. If this is any indication of how the new album will sound, new and old fans should be impressed.

MUTEMATH’s fifth studio album, Play Dead, will be out later this year. “Hit Parade” is out now via the band’s own Wojtek Records with streaming/purchase links here.

The band consists of Paul Meany, Roy Mitchell-Cardenás, Darren King, Todd Gummerman, and Jonathan Allen.

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Sibling – “Knights” (Venice, CA, USA)

RIYL: GEMS, Phantogram, London Grammar

Sibling is the non-sibling duo of Elodie Tomlinson and Bryan Osuszek, and they just released their new single, “Knights.” The band originally formed in Toronto in late 2014, with their debut single (“Easy”) arriving a year later. “Knights” is their first release of 2017.

“Knights” is a sublime synth-pop track that captivates us with Ms. Tomlinson’s alluring vocals and Mr. Osuszek’s hypnotic synth elements. Even though “Knights” feels simplistic at times, the complex production and experimental elements make this a standout track.

Elodie shares a bit about the track: “Sometimes people suck, things feel out of control and you just want to escape life for a night. That’s what this song’s about. I wrote the lyrics during what felt like one of the longest weeks ever, when I just wanted to check out and have a good time.” This song is streaming on their Soundcloud page.

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Smallpools – “Million Bucks” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Bleachers, Sir Sly, The Mowgli’s

It’s been a while since we have heard from Los Angeles indie band Smallpools, but they just released “Million Bucks.” It’s a definite summer anthem thanks to their knack for producing addicting hooks that have you singing along instantly.

The track has a carefree vibe that reminds you of an intoxicating love, where you totally feel connected to the other person and can conquer the world with your other half. The lyrics explain, “I’ve got all my money on you, and all my dollars on you, I feel like a million bucks” and “The ceiling’s just a start, reachin’ for a star.”

It’s been two years since their debut album LOVETAP! was released. “Million Bucks” is from their forthcoming EP, The Science of Letting Go. It is due out August 4th with pre-orders from iTunes.

Smallpools are Sean Scanlon (vocals), Mike Kamerman (guitar), Joe Intile (bass), and Beau Kuther (drums).

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The Sour Notes – “Ride It Out” (Austin, USA)

RIYL: American Football, The Bright Light Social Hour, Pet Symmetry

The Sour Notes is the project of Jared Boulanger and friends. What once was a solo bedroom project has since turned into a full fledged touring band. “Ride It Out” includes some of the band’s signature psych-influenced vibes. The hazy guitars and dual vocals make this track one that can easily be put on repeat.

The Sour Notes are also known for their awesome video releases. Definitely check out their YouTube channel. The video for “Ride It Out” features actress Danielle Burgess.

The song is from their forthcoming LP, Darkest Sour, which is due November 24.

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