Today’s Matinee includes six awesome new tracks that will get your week started off right. Summer is almost officially here (Wednesday to be exact). It’s time to add a few more upbeat tracks to your summer list. We have artists representing Sweden, the US and the UK today. We hope you find your new favorite song or artist.

BANNERS – “Someone To You” (Liverpool, England)

RIYL: Hozier, Haux, James Blunt

BANNERS is Mike Nelson and he is continually impressing with each beautiful track he creates. With “Someone To You” it is a lovely track that builds into an anthem and that speaks to the hope and optimism that love often brings.  It relates to the importance you feel once you are in a relationship with ending lyrics “I want to be someone to you”.

BANNERS shares a bit about the meaning behind the track as well: “When someone loves you, you feel like a rock star, like a hero. This song is about that, about wanting that and about making someone else feel that, too.”

“Someone To You” is released via Island Records and is the first single off of BANNERS’ upcoming EP.

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Graceful Closure – “Waves” (Columbus, USA)


Graceful Closure is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Jared Condon and keyboards/BGV, Chase Condon. The brother duo is creating uplifting synth pop. “Waves” is hypnotic and includes slickly produced synth and an expansive anthem filled chorus throughout. “Waves” can easily be added to any upbeat playlist and the lyrics speak to the hope that only love can provide with the following verse:

“Like a violent wind / That is rushing in / To break the skin / The current is a flood / but I’m unafraid / When love invades”

Graceful Closure is also a completely independent band and if you dig their sound, you can help fund their next EP here. The duo needs help with the final production of their last 3 singles.

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INDIIA – “Out of Love” (Stockholm, Sweden)

RIYL: Astrid S, Neiked, Zara Larsson

“Out of Love” is the debut track from mysterious duo INDIIA. We don’t know a whole lot about the duo but we do know that the vocals on the track are provided by singer/songwriter Whitney.

“Out of Love” is filled with upbeat and bouncy synth and the vocals have a bit of an R&B vibe going on. It’s a completely dance filled track even though the subject matter is about a relationship that could be on the verge of ending. Even though it’s a less than ideal situation, there is an optimistic tone that it might just turn out alright.

INDIIA does share a bit about the track: “A person falling out of love with someone or something. Mostly it makes sense as a song to another person, but the lyrics started from the idea of falling out of love with yourself.’”

“Out of Love” is released via Black Butter Records.

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Julietta – “Runaway” (New York, USA)

RIYL: Anna of the North, Sigrid, Verite

Julietta is from NYC and she has just released a new single titled “Runaway”. Julietta’s vocals have a soothing and hypnotic quality throughout as she sings about the blue eyed boy that she dreams about running away with.

The track is laid back and delicate at points but the vocals by Ms. Julia Libana, AKA Julietta, have a way of continuing to draw you in with their sultry vibe.

Julietta’s writing style is also organic and meaningful as she shares the entire inspiration behind the track: “Several months ago a guy I met at a party asked me out on a date. The thing is, he lives in Italy and I live in New York. I told him that was a bit far for a Saturday night plan. After playing around with the fantasy of our date, he sent me tickets with my name on it. After that dreamy weekend, I sat at the airport waiting for my flight with the Sunday blues and wrote the song. It was the most natural writing formula, at the end of the track you can hear the voice note I took on my iPhone of me boarding the plane.”

“Runaway” is released via +1 Records.

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Alice Kristiansen – “Lost My Mind” (New York, USA)

RIYL: Billie Eilish, bitter’s kiss, Phoebe Ryan

Alice Kristiansen already has gained a solid fanbase from her impressive covers on You Tube.  Ms. Kristiansen has an undeniably beautiful voice and is now poised to break out with her newest original track titled “Lost My Mind”.

“Lost My Mind” is the perfect break up track where you just can’t get them out of your head. The backing piano and subtle synth are the perfect compliments for framing Ms. Kristiansen’s delicate yet captivating vocals.

Alice Kristiansen could easily become the newest indie pop darling. Her mix of piano and harmonious ballads set her apart from every other talented vocalist that seems to be solely focusing on electronic production.

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MINKE – “Armour” (London, England)

RIYL: Lianne La Havas, London Grammar, Lorde

MINKE is back with a new track titled “Armour”. It’s the second single after her debut track “Gold Angel”. MINKE has a knack of melding together R&B elements, impressive guitar solos along with her captivating vocals and reverberating synth.

“Armour” is an upbeat track that can definitely get you moving. It can also be added to any upbeat playlist you might be compiling since the official start of summer is right around the corner.

MINKE shares a bit behind the track: “I wanted to celebrate being vulnerable, celebrate the people around us who pick us up, that it’s fine not feeling fine – you’re not alone. Everyone goes through shit and the best thing we can do is to be ourselves, truly, always. Even when sometimes its not that pretty.”

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