We have some delightful new music on The Matinee June 20th edition. We range across eras and genres and visit a few countries to put today’s list together. Some of the songs are perfect summer tunes while others may remind you of autumn. Sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s sonic selection.

Crepes – “Sexyland” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Dick Diver, Ariel Pink, Mac DeMarco

It might be winter time in Australia, but don’t tell that to slack-rockers Crepes. Every song they’ve released in their short careers feels like summer, and their latest single is no different.

“Sexyland” is easy, breezy number made for cruising along the shoreline or taking a stroll along beach-side boardwalks. The smooth harmonies, the jangly guitar notes, and the shimmering rhythms combine together to create a soundscape that feels like sunshine. As such, one cannot help but smile and bask in the song’s warm radiance. So if you’re in a place that is warm and sunny, spin this track with the top down and make it be part of your summer soundtrack. If you’re living in the southern hemisphere, then let “Sexyland” warm you up and bring you thoughts of hotter days.

Crepes’ debut album is expected later in 2017, and it will be released via Deaf Ambitions.

The band is comprised of Tim Karmouche, Nick Robbins, Pat Robbins, Jackson Dahlenburg, and Sam Cooper.

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em. – “fifty days” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Tycho, San Mei, Tash Sultana

Sticking in the place that Aussies affectionately call Melby comes a young singer-songwriter who could be the city’s next big thing since Tash Sultana and Courtney Barnett. Meet Emilia Predebon or simply just em. A quick look through her Facebook and SoundCloud pages do not reveal too much other than that the young woman has been dabbling with keyboards, analogue synthesizers, and likely Garage Band to refine her sound. She’s also taken courses to learn more about songwriting and production. Her story reminds us of another of our long-time favorites – Esther Joy Lane. And like Lane, Predebon’s sound is attention grabbing, and one doesn’t have to look further than “fifty days”.

With the breathtaking ambience of Tycho, the quick wordplay of Tash Sultana, and a sultry, sensual voice that will haunt your mind for weeks, the song is a stunner. It is a lush and transcendent number that borders on ethereal, and it, thus, will transport you to a place of serenity. Her lyrics, though, are much more dramatic and emotional, as she reflects back on a past partner and what they had. We all know that feeling of being left alone, but in this case we have found someone to help fill the emptiness in our heart and her name is Emilia Predebon.

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Indigo Husk – “Goes Around Comes Around” (London, England)

RIYL: Twin Peaks, Heyrocco, NE-HI

Need a fun, unpretentious song to perk you up on this day? Something that will get the adrenaline flowing, the shoulders shimmering, and the ears pointing straight up in delight? If so, you’ve come to the perfect part of The Matinee, as London-based quartet Indigo Husk deliver the ideal sonic tonic.

“Goes Around Comes Around” is like the Energizer Bunny – it keeps going and going without letting up until the very end. It blazes with the rambunctious energy of post-punk band but has the raw energy of a garage-rock outfit. The addition of the trumpet is a surprise, but it adds another fantastic element to this upbeat song. So warm up those limbs and pad the room you’re in because you’ll be bouncing off the walls. This song is a riot! Oh, the lyrics are also pretty great, as frontman Joe Hamm reveals his own fears about speaking his mind and not being himself. The song, as such, is not just one intended to release your stress, but also one that encourages you to release your true self to the world.

Indigo Husk are Joe Hamm, Joe Taylor, Joe Maclaren, and Flynn Allott.

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JAGARA – “Real Love” (London, England)

RIYL: GEMS, London Grammar, HAIM

Last fall, we asked ourselves, “How did we not discover” JAGARA sooner? Their ’80s-inspired synth-pop / new wave approach is right down our alley, and we, therefore, named them artists to watch in 2017. The three sisters from London, though, have made us wait until halfway into the year to get us excited again, and boy did they deliver.

Their new song, “Real Love”, is like honey. It is smooth, enticing, and luxurious. The production work is sensual and intimate, akin to the jaw-dropping soundscapes of London Grammar. Nothing is overdone, but instead simplicity is the focus to allow the song to naturally build to its cinematic finish. Frontwoman Jane’s sultry vocals, meanwhile, are intoxicating, drowning the listener with her story of a relationship coming to an end. It’s a familiar storyline, but rarely is ever told this beautifully.

JAGARA are Jane (lead vocals/electric guitar), Ruth (vocals/electric guitar/keys/beats), and Cat (vocals/keys/beats). We’re hoping the siblings will be releasing much more music in the very near future.

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Lily Kershaw – “Party Meds” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Lana Del Rey, Chris Isaak, London Grammar

Many young people have allowed instant fame to influence the choices they make in many ways. Professionally, it often has resulted in artists abandoning their roots in favor of more mainstream leanings (Taylor Swift comes immediately to mind). Personally, the individual may make decisions that lead him down a perilous spiral. For Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lily Kershaw, though, she has maintained her focus through the years.

One of her songs landed on the hit television series, Criminal Minds, in 2012, and she was just 17-years old at the time. Since then, she has become an online sensation with her thought-provoking songwriting and cinematic videos. The young artist is now branching out a bit by adding more cinema to her folk foundations, and the combination, as revealed on “Party Meds”, is sensational.

The single is dark, brooding, yet entrancing. Every element is captivating, grabbing hold of your attention and never letting go. The addition of the dissonant guitar and hallow keys gives the song a hypnotic vibe a la Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” while Kershaw’s voice echoes in the distant like one’s subconscious. Her songwriting, though, is the real star, as she tells the story of people succumbing to the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles and doing whatever it takes to succeed. This includes being someone else and relying on “Party Meds” to be that person. Sounds like the focus of a future Criminal Minds episode.

Kershaw’s latest single is out now on Nettwerk Music Group. No news on whether the 22-year old artist will release an album anytime soon.

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Luster – “You’ve Got The Heat” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: Palace Winter, Phoenix, Diane Coffee

Luster is a super-group of sorts. Well, in these parts, they are a super-group and definitely within the Danish indie scene. Jacob Haubjerg, who is the guitarist from Palace Winter, is the mastermind behind the project, and he has enlisted a who’s who of musicians, including Brian Batz (a.k.a. Sleep Party People), Morten Søgaard (the leader of Masasolo), and Anders Bach (Ice Cream Cathedral). Late last week, the group released their debut single, and it’s glorious, indie-pop number.

“You’ve Got The Heat” is a summertime treat, like having a refreshing ice cream on a hot day. Haubjerg’s vocals are radiant, booming across the track with an infectious energy. The jangly guitars are akin to Palace Winter’s music, but the influences of Haubjerg’s bandmates can also be heard. A psychedelic pop vibe brims beneath the surface, much like the whirling sounds of Masasolo. The ’80s synth-pop vibe and hand claps are undoubtedly Batz’s contribution while Bach gives the song a bit of soul with his drumming. Fun, catchy, and leaving a permanent smile on our faces makes “You’ve Got The Heat” the perfect song for summer in our humble opinions.

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Sasha – “Picking Flowers” (London via Surrey, England)

RIYL: Daughter, French for Rabbits, Sorcha Richardson

Two years and five days ago, we had the honor of introducing Sasha Gurney, who was at the time studying The Institute of Contemporary Music in London. Three things struck us at the time – her beautiful voice; the lovely, piano-driven dream-folk; and her intimate songwriting. Since that day in June of 2015, we were hooked.

Over the last two years, she’s only released a handful of songs, choosing instead to focus on her studies and working at a little indie label. But maybe she should seriously consider pursuing music as a full-time career because very few people make as beautiful music as she does. Case in point, her new single, “Picking Flowers”.

The song is a reminder of the first day we heard Sasha‘s music. It is truly like a dream with her lush vocals floating effortlessly in the air and the piano-driven melody creating a heavenly atmosphere. Yet her lyrics are more crippling, as she tells the story of a person who “feels like a passenger” to the one she loves and betrayed in the process. The words “you were only picking flowers” are beautifully poetic, giving the imagery of one being used for pleasure as well as the other person never truly being satisfied with just one. But for us, Sasha is one gem we will always remember.

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SLIFT – “Dominator” (Toulouse, France)

RIYL: Ty Segall, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, Thee Oh Sees

At least once a week we have a song where it is essential to buckle up because the ride is going to be wild and exhilarating. You might also want to put on a neck brace and a helmet while you’re at it because French trio “SLIFT” are about to rock your world with their new single, “Dominator”.

At nearly 6 1/2 minutes, this song is epic. It whirls with the relentless garage rock of Ty Segall in his early days, blares with the spacey, psychedelic “woos!” of Thee Oh Sees, and possesses the zany and fiery psych-rock of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. The song is undoubtedly crazy, but it is immensely fun and a memorable experience. It might not be for everyone’s palettes, but for us it’s one of those songs that deserves a “F*ck yeah!” Awesome, just awesome.

The song is from SLIFT’s new EP, Space Is The Key. It’s available now via Howlin’ Banana Records and Exag’ Records.

The bands consists of Jean F., Canek F., and Rémi F. This sort of reads like the names of a football squad.



Them Jones – “Maya” (Philadelphia, USA)

RIYL: The Black Angels, Elephant Stone, Temples

The seventies are one of the greatest eras in music, notwithstanding some disco, of course. That decade, though, saw Laurel Canyon sound reach its heights, rock ‘n roll become fiercer, and psychedelic becoming increasingly more delirious. Today, many bands are trying to recapture the latter with varied success. One band, though, to keep an eye on is Them Jones.

If you do get to know them, please inform us because we know very little about this quintet from Philadelphia. Al we know is that they’re making some awesome ’70s-inspired psychedelia. Earlier this month, they released their new album, Grow, which is available on SoundCloud and Bandcamp. From it is the groovy kaleidoscope, “Maya”. The song is a lavish trip down memory lane. The harmonies are smooth and enchanting while the psychedelic vibes are wonderfully hazy. All you’ll be doing is shimmering in your seat while being overwhelmed by the sonic delirium. Simply fantastic.

If you prefer more Ravi Shankar and George Harrison-type psychedelia, then check out “The Cosmic Syllable” from the album.

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