Moon Loves Honey is a talented, dream-rock band from Aarhus, Denmark. Actually, it’s a one-man band and the brainchild of Jeppe Dengsø. For the past few years, Dengsø has been creating feel-good dream-rock with just the right amount of reverb, breathy vocals and floating harmonies to fill any dream-rock lover’s soul. Today, he debuts the video for his stellar single, “Should Have Waited”, and we have the pleasure to premiere it.

The single was released earlier this year, but the video brings to life the trippy, otherworldly storyline. The track itself floats along and provides a very ethereal and upbeat feel even though the lyrical content is about the eventual end of a relationship. As the lyrics to “Should Have Waited” unfold and we witness the video, there is a definite correlation.

“Soon you’ll be gone – you’ll be gone / Do you try hard to – do you try hard to keep me running from you? / keep me running from you?”

The creative concept is quite brilliant and leaves the viewer perplexed. Are they from another world? Are they dead? How do they have super powers? Is it merely a dream? Why are they now fighting as they were obviously once in a relationship and seemingly happy? Maybe the video is a metaphor that almost all relationships have a happy and beautiful beginning, but most have a negative and sometimes abrupt and explosive ending. Whatever the case, the video is top notch thanks to Producer/Director Søren Degn and actors Rasmus Hougaard and Tine Sehested.

Moon Loves Honey’s debut EP, Apart, came out last year, and he has since released two new singles, including “Should Have Waited” and “Before I Crash”. Both songs will be on his forthcoming, debut album.

In the studio, Jeppe Dengsø acting plays most of the instruments (guitars/bass/synths/drums). For live performances and recording sessions, he’s joined by Ludvig Kastberg (drums), Stine Drejer (backing vocals/synths), and Johan Gudmandsen (bass).

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