The Matinee June 23rd has a myriad of new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have awesome new indie rock tracks from around the world with artists representing Hungary, Sweden, Israel, the US, Scotland, and England. We hope you find your new favorite song or band, or at least the new music selections will help you kickoff the weekend on the right foot. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our Saturday Sampler and then of course Sunday for the mega-mega weekend playlist.


Guided By Voices – “Just To Show You” (Dayton, OH, USA)

RIYL: Guided By Voices, Modern Baseball, Bob Mould

Thirty years ago, Guided By Voices‘ debut album, Devil Between My Toes, was unveiled to the world. Thirty years ago! In that time, the Ohio indie-rock legends have released two dozen LPs, at least 18 EPs and 7″, and many more projects. Led by Robert Pollard, Guided By Voices are unquestionably one of the hardest rock bands on the planet. We shouldn’t be surprised, as such, that they’re releasing another album this year, and the lead single is another gem.

“Just To Show You” is classic GBV. It possesses the mi-fi, melodic indie-rock vibe we’ve come to expect. The guitars are raw and gritty, echoing the indie rock of the ’90s. Pollard’s vocals are still strong, but this time around they’re more intimate as he sets out to prove people wrong. It’s a fitting theme because Pollard and his mates have long been rock underdogs, and thirty years later they’re finally the favorite.

GBV’s umpteenth album, How Do You Spell Heaven, arrives August 11th via Rockathon Records.

Robert Pollard is joined by Doug Gillard, Bobby Bare Jr, Mark Shue, and Kevin March.

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Bankrupt – “Creepy Stalker” (Budapest, Hungary)

RIYL: Blink-182, Sum 41, Weezer

Over thirty years ago, “Weird Al “Jankovic put the satire into music, adding humor to an industry that often took itself too seriously. His songs, though, weren’t intended to solely entertain but also to educate, using tongue-in-cheek lyrics to raise awareness about an issue. More than a decade later, it was Blink-182, who focused their lyrical wrath on moody youth and authoritarian figures. Could Hungarian band Bankrupt be this generation’s version?

Musically, their brash alt-rock is akin to Blink-182 and Sum 41 while lyrically they flash Weird Al’s biting tongue. All this is revealed on their new single, “Creepy Stalker”.

If you’re looking for a laugh, look no further than this song that turns obsession into an amusing moment. The song is filled with priceless vignettes, like:

“I’ll hold you in the basement till you change your mind.
move too slow but your pit bull’s fast.
Dog bites hurt, but the pain won’t last.

These four guys, though, aren’t making light of a serious situation. Quite the opposite – they’re using their art and a form of entertainment to make people realize how serious stalking is and how the person who is stalking experiences issues themselves, from low self-esteem to depression. Hopefully, though, this song will pick you up and put a smile on your face.

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Club 8 – “Lost” (Åhus, Sweden)

RIYL: Animal Collective, Boards of Canada, Little Dragon

After twenty-one years and nine albums, Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård – a.k.a. Club 8 – are still going strong. Two years ago, they released Pleasure, which was an album of synth-pop brilliance. They’ve kept a low profile since, but then unexpectedly in the wee hours of the morning they unleashed a surprise.

The present is “Lost”, which is unlike anything the band has done. It’s not like the guitar-pop of their early days nor the synth-pop of the latter half of their career. The song, instead, is more downtempo in its foundation but more exotic and bordering on ethereal. Angergård’s production work mixes Middle Eastern and Indian influences with the sound of the ocean, creating the feeling that one is coming across an oasis after trekking through the desert for days. It is hypnotic and refreshing, but it is Komstedt’s stunning voice that provides the cool and exhilarating relief. After more than two decades, these Swedish greats are still pushing the boundaries of music.

The song is out now on Labrador Records. No word on whether album number ten will be coming anytime soon.

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COLOUR OF SPRING – “Sun” (Leeds, England)

RIYL: Beach Fossils, Cocteau Twins, No Joy

Colour of Spring are back with their newest release, “Sun”. The Leeds-based rockers have continued to put out one solid track after another, dating back to when they released the memorable “Snow”. Each new release is exploding with impressive guitar, tripped out synth, and vocals that float across the perfect foundation of modern-day shoegaze and psych-rock.

“Sun” is slightly different, though. The song feels warm and fuzzy, as it progresses into a slow burning, psych-rocker. Their signature style of subtle reverb and distorted guitars are heard, elevating the track to a delirious level. Masters of their art are Colour of Spring, whose self-titled EP is out today. House of Love Records will be doing the honors.

Colour of Spring are Shane Hunter (vocals, guitar), Robin Deione (guitar), Tom Gregory (bass), Mark Rochman (drums), and Charlie Addison (keys).

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courtship. – “Perfect People” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Portugal. The Man, MGMT, Foster the People

Last month, LA-based duo courtship. tickled our pop senses with their single, “Sunroof”. It was the perfect introduction to Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon’s feel-good, indie pop. Then again, maybe it was a misleading track because their newest song is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

“Perfect People” is one that you cannot get out of your head. It’s addicting, upbeat, and completely sing-along worthy. It soars with the infectious, guitar-driven alt-pop that made Portugal. The Man an all-time, indie favorite. But it’s not just a pop song, as the sizzling guitar adds a touch of grit. It’s a fabulous song that could be courtship.’s ticket to stardom.

Further aiding their cause is their music is centered around an underlying theme of believing in yourself and never conforming to society’s expectations. “Perfect People”, specifically, speaks to the image-conscious culture of their home base of Los Angeles with lyrics that reflect on the anxieties of meeting new people and living up to certain standards. In the end, the track is about self-acceptance and a celebration of that. ​​​​​​​No wonder we’ve become huge fans of this band. They make us feel great in more ways than one.

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Grizzly Bear – “Four Cypresses” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Wild Beast, Deerhunter, The National

Speaking of unveiling a surprise, indie giants Grizzly Bear once again dropped their latest single early this morning. And in listening to “Four Cypresses”, 2:00 AM is an ideal time for this number.

“Four Cypresses” is poetry in motion. It is one of the most restrained songs in Grizzly Bear’s vast catalogue. The subtle rattling of Christopher Bear’s drums opens the song, and it is joined by Chris Taylor’s tickling bass line and the low hum of a keyboard. Together, the rhythm section guides us to the end. Frontman Ed Droste’s vocals then enter the fray, more gentle than what we’ve come accustomed to hearing. As a result, we’re taken away to what seems like paradise. What takes us away, however, is Daniel Rossen’s dissonant, crystalline guitar, which doesn’t arrive until midway into the song. Whether this is utopia or maybe even the afterlife is unknown, but it is simply a beautiful place. Once again, Grizzly Bear have found a way to make us say, “Wow!”

The video for the song can be viewed below if you cannot spin the SoundCloud audio. Like the track, it is full of memory.

Grizzly Bear’s highly-anticipated, new album, Painted Ruins, will be out August 18th via RCA Records.

The band is comprised of Chris Bear, Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen, and Chris Taylor.

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The Stolen – “Euphoric” (Old Bridge, NJ, USA)

RIYL: Bad Suns, The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club

New Jersey-based band The Stolen released their newest EP, Fragile Heart, last month. It was slightly overlooked, but couldn’t bear the thought of ignoring. As such, we’re sharing our favorite track off the extended player, which is fittingly called “Euphoric”.

The song (and the entire EP) showcases how The Stolen are bringing a new and fresh approach to indie pop rock. Hints of ’90s emo and dashes of ’80s new wave can be heard, giving the song a nostalgic but modern feel. The vocals on this track are definitely euphoric, and the lyrics take us on a trip that hearkens back to feeling the freedom of exploring at night in your adolescence youth. The music video is a perfect visualization of the song. What’s even cooler is that the kids in the video are actually younger siblings of the band’s members. Nostalgic indeed!

The Stolen are Dom Cuce, Rob Chiarappa, Kevin Smart, and Mike Chiarappa. Fragile Heart is available here .

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The Van T’s – “Fresh Meat” (Glasgow, Scotland)

RIYL: Wolf Alice, Black Honey, Bleached

For two years, Glasgow’s The Van T’s have time and time again blown us away with their ferocious blend of indie rock and post-punk. Our love affair with them began with the proggy “Growler” and intensified with their EP, A Coming of Age. Consequently, when they release a new single, our ears perk up and we get excited. Fortunately, they have delivered every time.

Their latest release, “Fresh Meat”, is another mind-bender of a track, and it might be their most ferocious number. The guitars are edgier and much more fiery. The percussion and bass are like sledgehammers, crushing every note they strike. Sisters Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson’s dual harmonies are scintillating and heart-pounding, but a bitterness reverberates beneath the surface. The approach is perfect for their storyline about the corrupt and those who are easily influenced. “I told you you have to chew” the band cries out towards the end, and this line exemplifies the creepy reality that we currently live in. Sonically awesome, lyrically always relevant. This band will one day be stars (and they already are in our books).

The song is out now via LAB Records.

The Van T’s are Chloe Van Thompson, Hannah Van Thompson, Joanne Forbes, and Shaun Hood.

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Zoo Harmonics – “Whole Again” (Tel Aviv, Israel)

RIYL: Billy Talent, Good Charlotte, Weezer

Ready for another trip down the nostalgic? If so, Zoo Harmonics‘ second single, “Whole Again”, will remind those who grew up in the late ’90s and early ’00s about the melodic alt-rock that filled airwaves.

“Whole Again” is a beautiful track that speaks to a special kind of love as the lyrics describe a special kind of love. The track starts off with a simple acoustic tone and then explodes into an amazing alt-rock ballad. Dror Goldstein’s vocals are surprisingly enchanting, and the emotion within the lyrics can be felt throughout the track. The parting lyric states: “Cause the only way to live without loving you is not for me. No, it’s not for me. Those are words by which we all should abide.  

The song is from their forthcoming, sophomore album, Iketan. It will be released internationally later this summer.

Zoo Harmonics are Dror Goldstein (guitar/lead vocals), Priel Horesh (drums/vocals), Gal Aroch (bass/vocals), and Ron Minis (guitar/vocals).

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