We have six awesome tracks today that range from soaring indie pop, upbeat synth pop, and straight up indie rock. We hope you discover your new favorite song or artist today. We have artists representing Australia, Greece, Sweden and the US today.

Be The Bear – “Erupt” (Gothenburg, Sweden)

RIYL: Aurora, Björk, Kiiara

Be The Bear is Swedish artist Christina Wehage who is creating some pretty dreamy synthpop with a symphonic twist.

“Erupt” is a beautifully constructed track that frames Ms. Wehage’s sweet yet powerful vocals as the song unfolds into a charming sonic eruption. The message behind the song is hopeful and encouraging with the following lyics:  “Let’s go higher / Do you know / I can’t even see the ground / ’cause I’ve got fire / don’t you know / watch me oh watch me / erupt”

What’s also hopeful is the reason behind her band name. As a child, she feared bears and had unpleasant dreams about them. Be The Bear is a sort of totem for her and she explains: “Be The Bear is like an appeal to myself to do the things that I find scary or difficult. To stand up, make noise and challenge myself and others.”

“Erupt” is released on Christina’s label, Loud Attic Records and Kobalt Music.

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Fever Kids – “Living In Fame” (Athens, Greece)

RIYL:  Σtella, Daft Punk, Blondie

“Living in Fame” is a groovy and hypnotic track by the Athens-based duo Fever Kids. There is a bit of a disco vibe going on, and it’s quite wonderful with that addictive bassline and a dreamy feel. The lyrics allude to someone who is holding another person back in life – either in a relationship or possibly creatively – with the start of the song explaining:

“You’re trying to take / that something from me / I go away as you come around / and keep my sound / nothing can change my wind / no one can pull me away / I’m heading closer now to the spin / I came to stay. “

“Living in Fame” is part of a 7-inch series “A Distant Victory Singles Club” via Inner Ear Records. The track officially releases July 3, but you can pre-order here.

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KAPTAN – “Better” (Nashville, USA)

RIYL: Chet Faker, X Ambassadors, GIRL FRIEND

“Better” is the latest from Nashville-based KAPTAN. On this single, Andrew de Torres covers the lyrical content of a less than ideal relationship set to dreamy synths and his signature subtle guitar.

The lyrics explain: “I fell apart and felt for you Now I know the truth I know better Than to let you have my heart a second time Better than to think you wouldn’t let it die”

The song chronicles that point in a relationship when you realize that it’s time to end it rather than take the chance that future hurt and betrayal could once again become a reality.

“Better” is released via South X Sea.

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Moxi – “Figures Bathed in Light” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Ella on the Run, GEMS, Meadowlark

Moxi is a duo comprised of couple Anna and Andy Toy.  “Figures Bathed in Light” is a dreamy synth-pop track that immediately draws in the listener with Anna’s soothing yet sultry vocals. The production of the track is flawless and builds on Andy’s ethereal soundscapes.

The track was inspired by a nearly fatal car crash the couple experienced. This life-threatening experience empowered them with a wealth of creative energy and the need to create art to immortalize the newfound hope they had following this encounter. Anna explains, “Our inspiration comes from a myriad of sources and ideas, but the underlying themes come from our emotional response to art and life experience.”

“Figures Bathed in Light” is the title track from their upcoming EP which will be released in August.

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Stalgia – “Spirit Animal” (Los Angeles, USA)


Stalgia is back with a new track titled “Spirit Animal.” The duo is comprised of Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie, childhood friends turned bandmates.

The duo continue with their perfect formula of R&B-influenced electronica. The lyrics describe the spirit animal as “insatiable, gravitational, a bit neurotic” along with “so exotic.” Ms. Day’s vocals seduce throughout and have the listener seriously contemplating who their exotic spirit animal might be. The track pulls you in and won’t let go.

If you have a “get in the mood” playlist, this one will definitely make the cut. “Spirit Animal” is on Stalgia’s upcoming fall EP titled NOMAD.

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TOTTY – “Sigh” (Wollongong, Australia)

RIYL: Best Coast, Dune Rats, Hockey Dad

“Sigh” is the newest single from Australian duo TOTTY. This track is lo-fi, garage-inspired rock, and it’s definitely repeat worthy. There is an identifiable ’90s grunge influence going on throughout the track, unlike their debut single, “Riff,” which fell into more of the upbeat surf rock arena.

Regardless, “Sigh” is solid and enjoyable and chronicles a relationship that seems to be going south as the lyrics proclaim, “It’s never me, it’s always you” and “Don’t tell me what to do.

TOTTY is comprised of Chris and Kell.

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