Feexer, a one-man-band from Italy released a fantastic five-track EP, Diamonds and Defects in 2014. It blurred the lines between rock and electronic music in a laid-back fashion, and left us intrigued for what would be next. The wait for that is almost over, on July 20th, Feexer will release their first LP, Headed To. Ahead of the release, we are premiering the video for the first single from Headed To, “Higher”.

“Higher” is a great track, and continues that laid back feeling of that first EP. Like the track, which begins with just guitar and vocals as a sampled drum machine joins in, the video starts with a phone call.  The phone call becomes a grand journey, as a drum machine joins the fray. Kaleidoscopic visions and stop motion are perfectly executed. The whole video has this eerie, but beautiful vibe to it. One scene paints urgency as burning of fuel is seen in a dinner plate, while war is seen in the shadow of a glass of water. The video closes with Feexer climbing a ladder that ascends to the sky. Filmed at Movieland in Bologna, Italy, director Paolo Viesti really nailed the vibe of the track with the video. We’re very fortunate to be premiering the video below.

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