Bask in the sunny glow of today’s new music cocktails! From American and Australian indie pop and punk to German synth-pop, these seven tunes have the power to cure your mid-week slump.


The Dig – “Tired of Love” (New York City, USA)

RIYL: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Foxygen, Future Elevators

It’s hard to believe 2017 is half over. It’s even harder to believe that an incredible album from New York City band The Dig somehow escaped our notice when it arrived in the first quarter. Today is the perfect time to correct that mistake, for two reasons: first, “Tired of Love” is a deliriously sublime gem of a tune. But, more importantly, the band’s North American tour starts this Friday in Michigan.

On this track from their third full-length, Bloodshot Tokyo, The Dig guide listeners into a hazy soundscape marked by gently psychedelic tones reminiscent of Foxygen or Unknown Mortal Orchestra. As if the instrumentation wasn’t addictive enough, the understated harmonies add to the fever dream delirium. It’s positively hypnotic. But what do you expect considering the album was mixed by musical genius Richard Swift? This sunny afternoon tune has transformative powers; queue it up daily for instant bliss.

Bloodshot Tokyo is out now on Bandcamp, iTunes, and the band’s website via Roll Call Records.

The Dig are: David Baldwin (guitar/vocals), Emile Mosseri (bass/vocals), Erick Eiser (keys/guitar), and Mark Demiglio (drums).

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Wieuca – “Snitches Get Stitches” (Athens, Georgia USA)

RIYL: Interpol, Ravellas, Sonic Youth

When it comes to track placement on an album, Wieuca wisely placed “Snitches Get Stitches” first on their upcoming Guilt Complex LP. This humdinger of a song captures the essence of their sound – one that fuses elements of experimental, noise pop, and psych rock. The resulting kaleidoscopic swirl of hazy guitars and meaty bass lines will satisfy your every genre craving.

Since the opening lines reference paranoia and broken glass, you can’t help but think how perfectly this song would fit in a Quentin Tarantino film. The discordant layers keep you on edge as the churning guitars build toward a fiery release at the bridge. Once the five-plus minutes conclude, you’ll be scrambling to pick up your jaw from the floor. That’s when you realize you’ve been punched in the gut by this scorching Wieuca track – but you’ll love every last second.

Guilt Complex arrives July 14th from Land of the Freak Recordings with pre-orders at Bandcamp.

Wieuca are: Will Ingram, Jack O’Reilly, Sam Kempe, and Bobby Bongos.

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Sally Dige – “Holding On” (Berlin, Germany)

RIYL: Siouxie & The Banshees, Austra, Zola Jesus

“Holding On” is more than a euphoric synth anthem. This latest single from Berlin-based Danish-Canadian artist Sally Dige (pronounced “dee-eh”) is the jolt of adrenaline in the soundtrack of your life. During those times when hope is fading, turn to this one for an instant boost.

Dige’s smoky vocals are reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux and Zola Jesus; those dark, evocative tones fit every scenario where you need to transform yourself into a conquering goddess. Channel your inner champion with this song as your motivation, and you’ll soon feel like you’re ready and able to rule the world.

This single is an excellent follow-up to her 2015 debut, Hard to Please. You can pre-order the Holding On EP on Bandcamp. It arrives September 8th via DKA Records (North America) and September 13th via Avant! Records (Europe).

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The Heartlights – “Can I Come By” (Oakland, USA)

RIYL: Peach Kelli Pop, Cherry Glazerr, Nobunny

Leave it to a band from sunny California to provide a quintessential summer song. Bay Area indie rockers The Heartlights have done just that on their newest single. “Can I Come By” has the same shimmering glow of their 2016 single “(You’re So Cute It Hurts”), though this one has a meatier bite.

Clocking in at just shy of two minutes and featuring hooks tighter than a model’s skinny jeans, “Can I Come By” oozes confident swagger. Its charm factor is so off the charts you’ll likely have its infectious melody stuck in your head all summer. Some indie pop/punk bands can veer too far into formulaic territory without showing much originality. That is definitely not the case here. The Heartlights inject plenty of fresh vitality into this short-and-sweet tune. What it lacks in length (that’s the song’s only drawback) it more than makes up for with lots of vivacious heart.

This single is out now on Bandcamp. You can get the cassette via the fine folks at Burger Records.

The Heartlights are: Maggie Aytac (vocals/bass), Jason Testasecca (guitar/vocals), Tyler Santoro (guitar/backing vocals), and Pascual Santiago (drums).

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Honey Joy – “Floreana” (London, England)

RIYL: Childbirth, Lisa Prank, Tacocat

Have you ever been furiously dancing at a club or festival and had a hot stranger plant a quick, sweaty kiss on you before dashing off? If so, then you’ll appreciate the frenetic energy on “Floreana” from indie punk/pop four-piece Honey Joy. Listening to this gem will remind you of stolen kisses and carefree nights of reckless abandon.

These emerging future stars from South London may be fairly new to the scene, but they know how to create a knockout hit. On this tune they lay a foundation of jangly guitars then add sun-kissed vocals and hyper-focused percussion. With the quickness of a Red Bull and vodka, “Floreana” hits your system and all your senses come alive. Get this one into your headspace ASAP.

Their self-titled debut is out this Friday via Everything Sucks (UK) and on cassette from Infinity Cat Recordings (US). You can pre-order it from Bandcamp.

Honey Joy are: Matt (guitar), Meg (vocals), Gibbo (guitar), Beal (bass), and Jay (drums).

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Cool Moon – “Splitting Hairs” (Houston, USA)

RIYL: Sleater-Kinney, The Pretenders, Jawbreaker

Houston-based Cool Moon provide another dose of pop/punk to today’s playlist. What’s not to love about their new “Splitting Hairs” single? For starters, frontwoman Andrea Lisi is a strong contender for the title of “This Generation’s Chrissie Hynde” thanks to the aloof cool vibe she projects. Vocally, her timbre is more akin to Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker than Hynde, but her delivery and range warrant comparisons to both. She’s got killer pipes, and she’s not afraid to use them.

The entire band has a devastating amount of charm, including Marshall Graves’s fierce bass and Anthony Schillaci’s dynamic percussion. There is zero chance you’ll listen to this and sit still. If “Splitting Hairs” doesn’t amp you up from head to toe, you should seek immediate medical attention.

You can grab this single from their Bandcamp page. Cool Moon’s Postparty Depression album is available for pre-order from via Exotic Fever Records.

Cool Moon are: Andrea Lisi (vocals/guitar), Marshall Graves (bass), and Anthony Schillaci (drums).

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Last Leaves – “The World We Had” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: The Lucksmiths, Gomez, Guster, Belle and Sebastian

Australian indie titans The Lucksmiths delivered their final album (First Frost) back in 2008; now key members have delivered a fresh track under their Last Leaves project. This alone is cause for celebration; the ironic alliterative twist is merely frosting on the sonic cake. (How fitting that one band’s final album includes the word first while the new project includes last.) Even if you aren’t familiar with The Lucksmiths, you have plenty to love in “The World We Had.”

This is a song for modern times. Its warm melodies echo ‘90s-era Britpop; the lyrics capture our collective frustration about global affairs. The repeated refrain of “The world we had / where did it go?” is one we can all understand. Whether you find yourself looking back at a former relationship or just a happier time when life didn’t seem so upside down, this song is instantly relatable.

This single is available digitally on Matinée Recordings. The full album, Other Towns Than Ours, arrives in October from Matinée (US) and Lost and Lonesome (AUS).

Last Leaves are: Marty Donald (guitar/vocals), Louis Richter (guitar), Mark Monnone (bass), and Noah Symons (drums).

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