About a month ago, the grounds that were to host Rockfest were underwater and concerned grew as to whether the festival would be able to proceed. Thankfully, the 2017 edition and its amazing lineup proceeded with few glitches. Rock fans put any fear of the weather behind them and came for the music. The muddy grounds were avoided by some but embraced by others. In the end, everyone had a great time and it was all about the experience.

Within minutes of my arrival, the first memorable moment occurred. After crowd surfing in a hotdog costume, one super fan of Pennywise was being escorted out by security when lead singer Jim Lindberg invited him to join the band on stage to the chants of “hot dog man”. Jim even managed to sign the fan’s CD while singing.

Other memorable moments included Wu-Tang Clan reminding the audience about real hip-hop music, and Killswitch Engage performing their set from a tiki bar. The Offspring started their set by playing Ixnay on the Hombre in its entirety, joking that it had two songs everyone loves and ten they’ve never heard before.

The night was capped off by German metal giant Rammstein in one of their rare Canadian performances. The show started with the guitarists descending from the rafters as fireworks went off. For the next 90 minutes, the fans were treated to a spectacle of pyrotechnics to the pounding of their guitars.

The first night ended with only trivial amounts of rain, but a torrent of rock.

The photo essay includes photos of: Pennywise, Thursday, Wu-Tang Clan, Killswitch Engage, AFI, Parkway Drive, Bad Religion, Bullet For My Valentine, The Offspring and Rammstein.   Please watch the slider for all the photos.


Wu-Tang Clan
Killswitch Engage
Parkway Drive
Bad Religion
Bullet For My Valentine
The Offspring


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