The second day of Rockfest had a beautiful start as the day began sunny and warm, giving everyone a chance to dry out. I ventured over to the smaller Tony Sly stages for the first time to see Pup who drew a large and enthusiastic crowd to their relatively early show. People chose well as this band never disappoints! Eagles of Death Metal drew the crowd back to the main stage. Many people (including myself) were wondering whether Josh Homme would join Jesse Hughes on stage since Queens of the Stone Age was playing later in the day. Though Josh was not in sight when the band took their places, Jesse Hughes gave a tremendously spirited performance making use of the entire expanse of the stage. The band was fantastic, but our question would be answered when Jesse invited his best friend to join him on stage. Josh Homme eventually took his place behind the drums.

Last year there was some post-festival controversy surrounding Twisted Sister and whether they received the appropriate treatment from the festival. Dee Snider was clearly willing to forgive as he was back performing again, but he couldn’t help but mention the “no frills” salad dressing in his room. Clearly, a performer of his stature deserves some frills! That aside, his set was a mix of newer music, but he was sure to include the Twisted Sister anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It” so the crowd could sing along.

Unfortunately, the weather suddenly turned. But rain and falling temps didn’t stop people from enjoying one of the biggest metal bands in the world, Megadeth. Alexisonfire showed why they were so popular in the first place, with every member of the band making themselves noticeable on stage. At The Drive-In‘s Cedric Bixler-Zavala exploded across the stage commanding attention. Several times he leapt off the drum kit, wildly swinging the mic stand while delivering his spirited vocals. Definitely a highlight performance of the festival.

As the final set on the main stage, Queens of the Stone Age didn’t disappoint anyone as they played many fan favourites from several of their albums. The festival’s second evening concluded with the legendary Iggy Pop. Although now 70 years old, he jumped around the stage and climbed into the crowd while singing hits from his 50+ year career. I am glad to have seen another music icon. With that, another great year of Rockfest came to an end.

The photo essay includes photos of: The Specials, Pup, Eagles of Death Metal, Dee Snider, Good Charlotte, Meshuggah, Adhesive, Megadeth, 311, Alexisonfire, At The Drive-In, Queens of the Stone Age and Iggy Pop. Please watch the slider for all the photos.

The Specials
Eagles Of Death Metal
Dee Snider
Good Charlotte
At the Drive-In
Queens of the Stone Age
Iggy Pop


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