Place a Belfast-born folk-singer-songwriter into Italy for the summer and what do you get? The answer is an uplifting, pop melody that transports us into ‘Dolce far niente’ – the sweetness of doing nothing. “Italian Dreams” is that song, from the pen and studio of Robb Murphy, and we’re delighted to premiere it, along with a beautifully quirky animated lyric video, today.

With a distinctly 60s vibe, “Italian Dreams” evokes a gap-year summer of fun, sun and love. Thinking of hitting the road once prom is over? This is the soundtrack for your journey. Even if proms and gap years have long since been consigned to the dim and distant past, the nostalgic, Beach Boys-infused tune brings them slap-bang back to today.

The song was recorded and produced by multi-instrumental vocalist Robb on acoustic guitar and piano, with Kevin Carlisle on drums, Dave Bennington on trumpet and bass and Rick McKee electric guitar. The enchanting animated lyric video was created – appropriately enough – by Italian artist Marco Burani.

“Italian Dreams” is available for pre-release on the 30th June on iTunes and releases a week later in all other stores. Take a look at the video below or, if you prefer, click the link to hear the audio.

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