Wellington’s motto is “the coolest little capital in the world,” and the New Zealand city has earned it. Despite a population that is just four percent the size of London, Wellington possesses fantastic restaurants, excellent micro-breweries, and an exceptional arts community. Its music scene is surprisingly rich and diverse, but you have to live here to really appreciate it.

One band adding to the city’s music reputation are Anxiety Club, who don’t sound like a Kiwi band. They’re not reviving the Dunedin sound, creating dub-step music, nor engaging in indie folk. Instead, the quintet sound like they’re from Austin, Nashville, or Athens, Georgia with their classic take on Americana. A perfect illustration of their music is their single, “Be Still.”

First released last October as a live demo, “Be Still” grabbed our attention with its Ryan Adams-esque flair. They’ve since mastered the track, and it sounds more engrossing than when we first heard it nine months ago. The subtle changes have made the song more cinematic without removing the intimate nature of the song.

In support of this new version, Anxiety Club have released a video, which we are pleased to present today. The video is simple yet captivating. The lonely figure of frontman Kev Fitzsimons on a New Zealand beach perfectly reflects the introspective nature of the song and its story of a confused soul looking for answers. From the stone to the sand pillar to the ocean, everything is explored and considered in Fitzsimons’ long pursuit for clarity and stability. The video, just like the song, is a beautiful piece of poetic art.

The video is below. The audio version is also provided should that be your preferred option.

For those in Wellington, the band will be performing at Meow on August 3rd. Event details are available here.

Anxiety Club are Kev Fitzsimons (vocals), Cam “Dusty” Burnett (lead guitar), Matt Coplon (bass), Clint Meech (keys), and Chris Hill (drums).

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